Stellaris Kickstarter WIP Wednesday

This week, the WIP wednesday is all about the construction of the ether drake kickstater!

Lewis has been working hard on the assets for the ether drake Kickstarter. Look at how awesome the Paradox art for this bad boy is. Now you can own one too in the upcoming kickstarter.

Although at the moment I can only show you this title image, I can assure you that there are more stretch goals than just the standard ether drake model you’ve seen before and can see again in the image below.

These are some paint jobs some of the guys in the office have done in preparation, but we still have a lot more to unveil once the campaign goes live.

I can give you a little teaser of the cover image on our campaign preview page, once the project goes live it’ll be over to you to break down those stretch goes and reveal what we have in store for you.

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