New Releases – Modular Venice Wave 2

Another Friday, which can only mean new releases!

Following on from last weeks releases, we have some more modular kits for Streets of Venice available in our webstore. We teased these earlier this week but now we can reveal the kits in full.

Compatible with last weeks modular kits, these kits come together to build a dense and winding board. Connected by clips at the bottom, Lewis has designed these buildings to sit flush next to each other.

To start off we have the Modular Villetta Doppia Camilla, a small two-storey building with a unique looking roof.

Next we have the mystery building we teased in this weeks Teaser Tuesday. The Modular Casa Arcata Iseppa is raised off of the ground by the arches below. This building lets you have combat happening on the roof while combatants battle it out in the passage below.

The Modular Villetta Balcone Gratiosa provides a lot of height. Being 3 storeys high it’s going to take a skilled climber to get up there in a single activation (or several smaller jumps if you have a row of smaller and smaller buildings).

Small buildings are a great place to start climbing in Carnevale and the Modular Villetta Barbara offers a simple way of getting some height on your opponents.  Being one block in each direction this kit can fit wherever you need a little extra variation in building height.

These kits can go together in any number of different ways, we set this weeks releases up in different ways so you can see the kind of modularity these kits are capable of.

We have one more release for you this week. We previously had this in the Kickstarter Gifts of the Harbinger box but are now making it available outside of that box for you to buy.

The Funerary Gondola is based on our Noble Gondola, but features a coffin instead of seating space. Don’t worry though, you can still fit the right amount of minis on it for games of Carnevale. You may not want to get too close however, as this Funerary Gondola hides a not quite dead passenger.

All of this is available today from our webstore!

If you want to use the Funerary Gondola in your games of Carnevale, you can find a scenario based around it here.

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