Stellaris – 2UP Ether Drake and Kickstarter Launch

When it comes to Ether Drakes, bigger is better.

In our last update we took a look at alternate paint schemes dreamt up by our talented staff. In this update we get to show of a leviathan of a mini.

A Big Beastie

The 2-Up Ether drake is precisely twice the size of the standard Ether Drake we’ll be offering in our upcoming Kickstarter. This one is more of a collectors item than the smaller (but still quite big) version. Being twice the size means that there’s so much more detail in the cast for you to paint and is exactly twice as intimidating when you show this beastie off.

Those of you that rush L-Gates might recognise the paint scheme on this Drake. It’s directly inspired by the colouring of an L-Drake and just like it’s smaller cousin, looks like it’s glowing something fierce. In our comparison shot you can see the size difference between the two, this thing is an absolute monster.

But When Though?

A giant Ether Drake isn’t all we have to reveal for you this week, oh no. We’re finally announcing the date you can pledge for one of these space leviathans!

September the 26th!

In one week from now, you’ll be able to pledge for an Ether Drake of your own (Artificial Dragonscales tech not included). We won’t have the Kickstarter up for very long so make sure to keep an eye on this page. We’ll be announcing on here when it goes live, as well as our facebook page!

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