WIP Wednesday – Into the Elven Lands


This time it’s Elves…

This week, Mike has been busy working on making this elven sailing ship. It comes with a removable roof to make the cabin playable as well as two smaller rowing boats and the jetty (complete with lamps).

Neil has put together a raised lookout, with double spiral staircases for access and leafy thatched roof. This treetop building is adorned on all sides with twisting vine designs to add to the elven aesthetic.

Next up is the guard tower I have been working on, it has a simple construction  to allow for a raised platform for archers, because, you know, … elves. The flat sides will allow it to connect with other buildings, walkways and stairs (not pictured here) in the set.

Here we have a picture of everything side by side and this wave of releases is coming together nicely. There’s plenty more elf stuff we haven’t shown you so you will have to wait and see for the rest of it.

As always everything you see here is a work in progress and is subject to change and refinement.

Hope you guys have enjoyed this weeks look at what we’ve been working on.

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