Teaser Tuesday – Modular Venice

It’s time to climb the buildings and jump across the canals in today’s Teaser Tuesday!

Every Tuesday we show you a little teaser of what’s coming out that coming Friday, and today is no different!

In celebration of the latest lot of Carnevale releases (on pre-order now, fully available on Friday!), we’re finally releasing some hotly awaited scenery kits for the Streets of Venice range.

This coming Friday is the first wave of our modular Venetian MDF kits. This has been a long time coming, but we’re here now!

These kits are going to reshape how you set up your boards for games of Carnevale (or any other games you might want to play on a Venetian looking board!). No more individual buildings sitting there all lonely, these new kits are designed to be connected together to make the cramped streets that Venice is famous for.

The three-storey building and the single storey above are just two of a growing range of kits all designed to be used together. The little gaps by the doorstep are there to fit tiny clips that link your buildings together. That way they stay together, even if someone knocks them during a game!

Venice is a super varied place, so you’ll find flat roofs, arched ones, roof gardens, and more in this new range!

Also – crucially – there are archways. One it’s own this archway is fairly straight forward, but when joined with a few other buildings it creates a narrow walkthrough, making your games even more tactical as you struggle to find a clear path, and are forced to decide exactly where to move your characters and where to climb up to the rooftops. Or even (gasp) jump into the canals to swim round. Let’s just hope no Rashaar are there waiting!

We have four new modular kits up for sale on Friday (there’s one we haven’t shown yet, the teases we are), with even more to follow over the coming weeks and months. If you’re looking for a densely populated board at a really affordable price, pop back on Friday to find out more!

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