A Tactical Look: Burratino

Burratino Mini

With new releases for Carnevale comes new reasons to look at how to use our new models in games themselves. Today I shall be looking at our newly released Gifted character Burratino.

Burratino is a little wooden puppet that enjoys nothing more than stabbing and slashing people with his carving knife. In fact, that is the only thing he enjoys. So add him to your gang if the idea of a little murder puppet sounds lie fun. Wait, of course that sounds fun!


So on a quick glance nothing really stands out for Burratino. However it’s when you realise that he counts everything as bigger than him, no matter what base they are on, they are bigger than Burratino. That means Hunter is always active giving his weapon -3 Penetration against anything. With Expert Offence (3) he re rolls up to 3 of these attacks too! So that’s 5 attacks, with 3 re rolls all with penetration -3. On a character costing 16 ducats.

He can also heal himself with Vampiric Attack, makes it hard for targets to escape thanks to Engage(3) all together you have a fantastic little murder puppet. Especially with his 5 Will points, not an amount to be sniffed off for sure.

However there is a downside to all this. First he is Mindless so he won’t be capturing objectives for you, he’s too busy killing after all. He is also very easy to throw around, grapple and drown thanks to him always being smaller. 3 Protection and a Dex of 4 offer him very little help against an enemy attacking him and only 11 Life points.

Using Burratino:

Of all the Gifted characters Burratino is, in my mind one who can fit into any gang from a story point of view, except the Vatican of course. His desire to murder everything he sees can certainly make him a useful ally to anyone, even if they keep an eye on him at all times.

Being able to use hunter against characters on a 30mm base makes him a great counter to all the human characters in the game.  He basically removes protection from a Capodecina for example. And with his 3 re rolls should cause decent damage in doing so. Though the Capodecina will probably do even more damage when he get’s the chance.

Burratino is certainly not a character you use for support, he simply has no supporting abilities, he is a pure attack minded character, to be used only to cause damage to enemies. I wouldn’t throw him against the powerful Heroes and Leaders in the game, characters like Vlad for example will murder him back as soon as they get their chance. However throw him against weaker heroes and henchmen and he can run riot.

Your enemy has a support style character, or a mage that’s causing you trouble with their abilities? Simply send Burratino to murder them with a carving knife.

If this has interested you into picking up Burratino, he’s on pre-order now on the TTCombat web-store.

I’ll be back tomorrow with  tactical look at our new Doctors set with the first completely new Doctors character. See you then…. Wait, what’s that? Why it’s a little puppet looking at me, it’s quite cute…. Wait, what’s that knife for? No, put the knife down….. I’m out of here before he comes back.

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