Teaser Tuesday – Back to Carnevale

It’s Carnevale time again!

After a little hiatus from our regular Carnevale releases, we’re back at it again.

This Friday we have four new sets for Carnevale going up on pre-order, including another brand new character class!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our two new boxed sets.

The Patricians are the first to see reinforcements this week, with the Foreign Delegates set.

This box represents the visiting party of a foreign envoy to Venice. A common occurrence since the Rent, since Venice is quickly becoming a new capital for trade (and of course murder and mayhem).

There are two Foreign Nobles, an Englishman and Frenchman (we saw the English one in a previous WIP Wednesday – and yes, that actually is period accurate clothing!) who are extremely potent allies – or enemies depending on which side of the sword you’re on. However, their lack of native tongue does mean they suffer when using Command Points.

They’re accompanied by a loyal (ahem) Venetian Spy. I mean, the clue is in the name. Many a noble has people working abroad, becoming good friends and confidants with their would-be allies, finding out all their secrets to use against them. The Venetian Spy is armed with a Long Rifle, which is one of the best long ranged weapons in the game.

Finally the set has two Merchants. Keen to trade with foreign visitors, the Merchants make up the bulk of any welcoming party. They spend their days showing the Foreign Nobles their businesses and making as many deals as they can to further their own cause and buy their way into nobility too.

This set is a great addition to a Patricians force, offering lots of offensive power and a lot of Command Points too!

Our second boxed set is for the Doctors, and contains some fan favourite sculpts, along with a new one! Welcome to the Monstrous Menagerie.

This set obviously focuses on big beasts.

The Rhino is a real heavy hitter, the equal of the toughest Raadru when on the charge. It has a tonne of Life Points too, although without any Doctor support its likely to get very little accomplished!

The Crocodile on the other hand has a brilliant attack power (it does have a lot of teeth after all), and is brilliant at getting through the toughest armour. It is also extremely quick in the water, which is something the Doctors faction often lacks.

Both of the beasts are Henchmen choices, and are accompanied by a Hero choice: a Doctor of the Beasts. This miniature adds to the roster of Doctors of the Beasts, joining the one from the Beast Tamers boxed set. With a mixed of magic, command, and a surprisingly vicious Shock Staff, this jack-of-all-trades Doctor makes a great addition to a gang!

Of course though, you’re all reading this too see what the new character is. I can reveal now that this is the Master of Zoology. You may recognise her shield from an earlier preview.

The Master of Zoology is a Leader choice for Doctors gangs, and comes with all sorts of good stuff! For a start, she is of course a Mage (she’s a Doctor after all). She also smacks things hard with that Electrified Mace, and is able to protect not just herself, but others as well. Oh and of course she’s good at hitting big things – she is a beast master don’t forget!

We’re going to be taking a look at the Master of Zoology this week to shed a bit more light on her role in the Ospedale.


These two boxes are coming out on Friday for pre-order, along with two extra blisters which we’re not giving away yet! We’ll have more information about these (both rules and background) over the next couple of weeks, so keep tuning into TTCommunity for all the latest Carnevale news!

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