Teaser Tuesday – Return to the Savage Domain

It’s time to head back to fantasy land for this Friday’s releases.

Last week saw the first wave of our Savage Domain releases for the Fantasy Realms range of Tabletop Scenics MDF kits.

These kits are all modular, allowing for a huge variety of setups, making each board completely unique.

This Friday we’re releasing our second set of Savage Domain kits!

For Teaser Tuesday today we’re going to look at just one set, the Marauder Outpost.

This set, coming in at £20 (if I remember correctly) is an amazing deal!

With two outpost towers, one raised platform, two ruined sections and three small platforms, it makes a whole lot of terrain! There are also two full walkways and a thin walkway, along with banners, ladders, spikes, and all kinds of useful decoration!

As with last week’s release, they’re also modular, with the walkways connecting each of the platform sections together.

There are literally thousands of ways to put the set together, meaning your battlefield never has to look the same twice.

But Does This Set Fit With Last Week’s?

I think this picture says yes!

The Marauder Outpost uses the same simple plug sockets as the Abandoned Abbey, Crumbling Tower, and Castle Town Walls, which means if you want to make an old castle town that’s been invaded by barbarians, goblins, or other such nasties, you absolutely can! Simply combine the kits together to make a great and varied gaming board.

The Marauder Outpost set will be available to order on Friday, with two other kits as well. Check back then to get all the information you need.


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