Teaser Tuesday – Savage Domain!

We’re going to be keeping you waiting no more!

This Friday we’ll be releasing the first sets in a brand new range!

Savage Domain

This new range will fall into the Fantasy Realms category, and these kits are just the start of a big push into fantasy terrain. In the past we’ve been a bit lacking in fantasy buildings, but Savage Domain puts a stop to that!

So what’s coming this week?

Abandoned Abbey

We have three new kits coming this week, but we’re just going to tease the Abandoned Abbey today.

The Abandoned Abbey is a big kit, with enough parts to fill out a small board. The kind that’ll fit on your dining table for a small skirmish game. Cough cough.

The set has three big structures (I don’t want to say “buildings” since they’re all falling apart), some walls and gates, and a bunch of ruined scatter terrain.

What’s most important is that this kit is very modular! Want to see?

Using the same parts, you can build dozens and dozens of different abbeys. The walls and gates act as joining parts to connect the larger structures. There are also a couple of wall blocks to connect to extend your walls even further.

These connectors aren’t unique to the Abandoned Abbey though – they’re a universal piece that will allow you to connect any of the forthcoming Savage Domain kits to create fully modular fantasy gaming boards out of MDF!

But What Will It Cost?


All of this? Twenty quid. That’s right, the entire set is only £20!


This set, and two others will be available to order on Friday, so check back then for more!

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