New Releases – Infinity Accessories

It’s time for more Infinity!

Wait, more infinity? Is that a thing? It’s like having less nothing. Quite the puzzle.

Anyway, today we have more Infinity!

First up for release today is the Neon Signs set. This kit is £9 worth of acrylic goodness!

The set comes with two massive billboards, as well as six medium hanging signs and four little signs. They’re sure to add a bunch of colour to your boards, and make them feel really lived in.

We set some up on a Tri Building, but they’ll fit on any single sheet MDF piece. They’re really cool!

The Industrial Ventilation set is the next one today. We saw these in Teaser Tuesday this week, and now they’re out for you to buy!

£8 will get you six vents and two barricades, which is more than enough to cover a bunch of ground, providing waist high cover for your models.

They can be put face up or stacked up on their sides, giving you loads of options for decorating existing buildings or simply using them as scatter terrain.

The Guard Outpost gives us a first look at a more military structure. This little set works brilliantly as a checkpoint for the residential and commercial buildings we’ve released so far. It’s a bit more utilitarian than some of the other kits, perfect for overseeing the population.

It comes with the guard post and two raised walkways, one with a little door that opens and closes!

The Infinity Objectives set contains exactly that!

Four acrylic flag markers, a tech coffin, four consoles, and four beacons are in the set. For £8 we challenge you to find cooler and more affordable objective markers than these!

Last up today is a big kit. Like, really big.

The Tri Building Complex combines several Tri-structures. It’s got 3 Tri Buildings and 3 Tri Walkways. You can combine them in loads of different combinations to make some truly cool structures. You want to spread out loads of single storey buildings to make a little maze-like path? Sure! You want to stack them all up on top of each other for a massive tower block? You can do that too!

Oh and of course the set comes with an acrylic circuit-tree for decorating the courtyard. So pretty!

This set is really cool, so let’s have a look at some of the other ways you can put it together to finish off today.

Very cool!


If you fancy picking up any of our new releases for your games of Infinity, head over to the TTCombat webstore now! If you order over the weekend, we’ll ship them out at the start of next week.

That’s the last of our official Infinity terrain for a few weeks, check back next week for something a little older looking…

2 Replies to “New Releases – Infinity Accessories”

  1. Guys, I’m glad business is proceeding apace, but where’s the Dropzone? We’re a month out since BfE’s release, and we still haven’t been shown new models or products to buy beyond the book or some dice. Bring on the resin!

    1. Hi Ian. See our post today about the issues we have had with our 3D printer. New Resin is coming very soon!

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