WIP Wednesday – A Sphinx!

In this weeks work in progress Wednesday, some new scenery emerges from the shifting sands…

Things are in full swing here at the TTCombat offices with the new Kickstarter on the horizon. The design team has been working hard on some new scenery and this week I will be showing you what I have been working on.

First up, no ancient desert table is complete without a gratuitously large obelisk. Its pushing 30cm in height and has a suitable footprint to match. This one would look great as a centre piece or focal point of a temple complex.

Speaking of temples, this next building is decorative, small shrine. This is one of two variants that we are planning but you’ll have to wait and see what the other one looks like.

Adding to your temple complex you may be after some scatter scenery to fill out your board, this is where the Sphinx and the Falcon statue come in.

Both of these kits are made by laminating MDF, to form a three dimensional structure. Again, we have another variant sculpture planned but you’ll have to keep a look out for an announcement on our Facebook in the coming weeks if you want to get your hand on this scenery.

As always, this scenery is still a work in progress and is subject to change at any time.

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