New Releases – Prefab Infinity

Put on your hard hat, because it’s time to assemble some buildings!

Friday is new release day at TTCombat, and this week we have quite a lot of new releases!

We teased earlier in the week that we would be seeing more Infinity terrain, and this stuff is really cool. Let’s have a look what’s out today.

First of all we have the Neon Barricades set.

This little kit makes four sets of barricades, which can be placed together like in the picture. The acrylic sheets slide in the side, so you can paint the MDF without worrying about getting paint on the acrylic.

They’re perfect cover for Infinity, and you all know how much cover you need in a game!

The Prefab Chems lab is next, and it’s the first in the Prefab range, all of which are launching today.

The Prefab Chems Lab comes with a fancy covered roof and a separate vending machine to give you a bit of extra cover to duck behind.

You’ll notice that the lab has two distinct floors and gaps in the walls. The two floors can be taken completely apart, and the gaps allow you to put in joining clips or ladders, increasing the modularity of your gaming space.

The Prefab Alpha building has two floors, each again made completely separately.

The really exciting bit about this kit is the raised support though. This piece comes separately too, and using a couple of clips (shown in the picture), you can clip it onto the bottom of one of the buildings, allowing it to sit out and provide a cosy underpass.

These modular kits are really coming to life now!

Prefab Beta is a simpler kit, but comes with a few really handy pieces.

The barriers on the roof panels are great, meaning you’re not a sitting duck when in an elevated position.

An air duct for light cover, and an antennae array too. These can be kept separately (like we’ve done), or glued onto the roof sections. They provide decent cover for your games, but also make great handles for picking the roof sections off. Oh did I mentioned that all the roof sections come off? You can combine any of these kits together, stacking them as you see fit!

If you’re after something a little different to give your Prefab buildings a bit more variation, look no further than the Prefab Housing Pods.

This kit contains four separate pods, each with a balcony large enough for most miniatures to sit on. This set also includes two ladders, which can be used not just for climbing but also to help lock the pods together, meaning no unfortunate mishaps of buildings collapsing mid-game!

Finally today, we have a big ol’ bundle of buildings! The Prefab Complex comes in at £36, and contains just so many buildings!

This set contains a mix of bits from Prefab Alpha, Beta, and the Housing Pods, to create a complex that is so much more than the sum of its parts.

Each of these buildings can be assembled next to, on top of, or underneath every other building in the kit. It’s so modular, I don’t have any idea on the number of combinations of board you can make.

In fact, rather than chatting about it, I’m just going to show you all a few more pictures of how this set can be assembled.

There are even more on the webstore page, so check them out! I actually was having so much fun assembling I had to force myself to stop and edit the photos to have them ready for today!

The Prefab Complex is one of my personal favourite kits in the store. It’s so much terrain for a really great value, and has incredible versatility on your gaming boards.


If you fancy picking up any of these sets for your games of Infinity (or anything else!), stop by the TTCombat webstore now. They’re out today, so if you order over the weekend, they’ll be shipped to you at the start of next week.

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