Teaser Tuesday – New Infinity Terrain!

We have some new Infinity terrain coming out this week, here’s a sneak peak at what’s being released!

This week sees the release of 4 of our sets specifically designed for Infinity. These were originally part of one of our amazing show-only board bundle deals but will be going up for general release this Friday.

Let’s have  a look at a couple of kits that are on offer!

The Plaza Complex is a great centrepiece, featuring waist high walls for cover and a holographic sculpture that you can separate and use elsewhere on your board.

The Tri-Walkways fits with the Tri-Building (which will also be released this friday) and offers a whole ton of possibilities. These kits not only work next to each other but they also stack! Letting you build both upwards and outwards if a sprawling sci-fi city is the kind of thing you want.

Both of these kits and more are coming out on Friday, check back then to see what else we have to release!

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