New Streets for Venice

It’s Friday, so it’s new release time!

We’ve had a couple of looks at some of the new kits out today already this week, but now they’re here to order!

If you didn’t get chance, check out yesterday’s board showcase. We setup some cool Venetian boards for your viewing pleasure. Click the picture below to go straight there.

But without any further ado, let’s get into the new releases today!

It’s all Streets of Venice this week, with all new Streets sections.

The Small Street Stairs are first up, allowing you easy ways to plan your trips up and down Venice.

They’re great for going into and out of canals, as well as stacking up to offer routes up to the Raised Streets sections already on the webstore.

In the set you get two small sections and a large section, which gives a lot of freedom when building your boards.

Next up we have the Large Street Stairs. This set contains two of these oversized streets, which will comfortably fit one or two buildings on top. This is the perfect set to put any Palazzos you have on top – a fitting look for such a noble building!

All of the stairs in these sections are made to the same design, which allows a 30mm base to sit neatly on, with a little lip that you can tuck them into to avoid dangerous falls if you knock the table (we’ve all done).

Lastly in our steps we have the Plaza Street Stairs. This is the biggest staircase we’ve got! I don’t know what you’d want that’s bigger than this!

For only £6, this kit is a real steal. That’s the same price as the regular Plaza Street section! You actually get a little bit more wood in this than the standard plaza, but we won’t tell if you don’t!

Between these three sizes, you should have enough stairs to deck out your board in any way you see fit.

Next up we have a kit that we teased yesterday, and it’s one that people have been asking about for a while now!

The Venetian Street Railings is a modular kit that allows you to build over 3m of railings!

You get 30 railing sections in the pack, and they’re designed to simply clip onto the side of the street sections. They link together, and have extra clips to help you make big chains of them. Link your chains together and then add them to your board to protect your citizens from falling in the water!

The set even includes 2 slightly longer sections for putting on your corner sections! This kit is very simple, but adds so much to a Venetian board. And for only £6, you’d be a fool not to include them!

Next we’re getting into the grimier side of town, with these Small Ruined Streets.

This pack contains 2 small and 1 medium section. All of these have been smashed up, and still contain the remnants of the wreckage. Bits of street have fallen down, and the rest have crumbled away, leaving a treacherous space to navigate!

These pieces add so much style to a board, and are something you loyal customers have been asking for!

Our final new release (phew!) is the Large Ruined Streets kit. This massive set contains a large ruined tile and a plaza sized ruined tile, which can be split up into two pieces!

I think this is the best value kit in this week’s release, coming in at just a tenner for so much board space! These ruined sections combine together really well, so with a couple of kits you could actually make a whole ruined board!


All of these releases can be found in the TTCombat webstore right now. Order over the weekend and we’ll ship it to you at the start of next week. All you then need to do is paint them! 😉

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