Avignon Guard Metallics Painting

Its time for a painting tutorial for the Avignon Guard!

Hi Fin here with a quick tutorial on true metal metallics. We’ve had a few people asking how I painted the Avignon Guard’s armour, so I thought I’d show you a step by step.

Step 1

I started by airbrushing Vallejo burnt iron then highlighting with silver also airbrushed on, if you dont have an airbrush then painting burnt iron then drybrushing the silver will work fine.

Step 2

wash with a 50/50 mix of dark brown and black model wash also from vallejo.

Step 3

Then i airbrushed on a thined down layer of vallejo green ink into the places where the shaddows would lie. i chose green because later i would be painting parts in purple and gold and green should contrast well.

This is also possible to brush on but may require some matt medium to help it not sink strait into the recesses.

Step 5

Then i repeat the process with black ink trying to make sure i paint further into the shadow areas and leave some green still showing.

Step 6

Now i build up the highlights with some p3 paints first pig iron then cold steel and finally vallejo chrome working further towards the edges with each lighter paint.

Step 7

now i go back in with some black ink but this time i use a brush to line in some of the parts where armour plates overlap and in the recesses of his chain coif.

Step 8+

Once the metallics are done you can get on with painting the rest of the model.


And that’s it! If you have any questions on painting this (or anything else), let us know.

You can get your own Avignon Guard tomorrow, pre-order the box now!

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