WIP Wednesday – Stirring in the Canals

What lurks beneath the waves?

Today’s WIP Wednesday is a true WIP!

Rei has been good enough to let me show off an early sketch of a new Carnevale piece.

It already looks very cool, but will look suitably awesome when it’s done!

More exciting than that though, this new piece of art will be the cover for a new Carnevale rulebook!

Don’t fret, we’re not doing a new version of the game yet – it’s only just come out! However, since its release people have been asking for a smaller version of the book with some simple background information and the rules. And this is it!

The book will likely be A5, at around 48 pages. So it’s pretty short! It’ll contain everything you need to play the game including full rules, Equipment, Agendas, and the Winds of Fate campaign.

While I don’t have a release date for you yet, I can tell you Spanish Carnevale fans that this rulebook is in the process of being translated right now, so will launch in Spanish too. Any Kickstarter backers waiting for their Spanish copies will have them sent as soon as they’re ready.

Exciting times ahead!

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