New Releases Friday – Carnevale

It’s Friday, so that means we have Carnevale for you!

We’ve got four new releases on pre-order right now. Let’s take a look, fellow Venetians and see what’s in store for your Carnevale gaming tables this week!

First of all we have the Strigoi Footsoldiers. This box is an excellent expansion for any Strigoi player, containing two half-naked, half-blood-covered Reapers, a Thrall with a crossbow, and two new Common Strigoi.

This set really helps bulk out a Strigoi gang, offering two of the best Henchmen choices in the game to add to the existing one, along with another Thrall for long-ranged fire support (and blood support). The Reapers are incredibly options for the Strigoi, as although they can’t take objectives, they’re incredibly fast and dexterous with some really great attacking power. Add to that the ability to regain 2 Life Points with every Combat action, and you’ll be spending those points to up your attacks every turn!

We’ve also got the Vatican Armed Forces box this week.

Led by Patriarch Bishop de Bernis, this box contains an entire gang! Coming in at a grand total of 77 Ducats, it’s a really competitive force. With three Henchmen, a Hero and a Leader, it’s a great start for any Vatican player, especially those who like their fighters very fighty, and their Mages very magey.

And of course this box includes not one, but two brand new sculpts since the Kickstarter. The alternate pose Bishop Guard is fine, but the Avignon Guard in full plate armour is the big ticket item here. With massive defence and incredible attack, he’s a real good choice for any Vatican player.

We’ve also got some more reinforcements for the Vatican in the form of the Witch Hunters pack.

Felix Baumgartner and Thomas Thieme were never particularly good friends with the clergy of old, since they wouldn’t believe the witch hunters’ claims of demons living on Earth. But all those people got blown up when the Rent opened, so they’re all good! They’re on loose terms with Pope Clement XV, and will ally with the Vatican forces in Venice to achieve their own goal: hunting witches of course!

Felix is a fantastic Leader choice in a Vatican gang, especially if you fancy one that’s a bit more hands on than Patriarch Bishop de Bernis (although not quite as hands on as the Inquisitor maybe!). He has great attacks (especially when dealing with the undead), and can buff nearby characters to extreme levels!

Thomas on the other hand is a slighter Hero choice. He’s very fast (something the Vatican sorely lack), and can bring a punch of his own (again, especially when fighting the undead). He’s also very good at hunting mages, especially since he’s so quick. He makes a great little mid-tier assassin when used right!

Last but not least, we have Fadhila. A new Gifted for hire by anyone, Fadhila is an expert at providing protection. Her powers allow her to cast a protective bubble around herself, giving anyone in it Expert Protection 4 (re-roll 4 Protection dice) and Universal Shielding 4 (which stops penetrative weapons).

This bubble can change in size depending on your situation, although be weary of making it too big, since it can affect your opponents too!

If you think your Strigoi need a little extra Protection (and they probably do), why not hire Fadhila? Or turn her! I’d love to see a vampiric Fadhila!

Or maybe you’re a Vatican player and think that your Inquisitor or Felix can look past her obvious devilry and use her services. Who knows, she might lead you closer to Harlequin or another Gifted?


All of these models are available to pre-order right now for release next Friday. Pick them up today to expand your forces, or start a new gang!

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