The Gospel of The Vatican

  1. Lo, let us listen to the Gospel of the New Vatican!

  1. And it was so.
  2. We listened and read and the words filled our hearts with joy and our minds with wisdom.

Who Are The Faithful?

  1. So it was that the Vatican of ancient Rome burned to the ground.
  2. The sinners became ash and the pious survived.
  3. The Heavens opened wide and swallowed the sinners and the witches and the hedonists of Rome, bringing a fierce tide that swept the evil from the world, replacing it only with God’s might, a new paradise on Earth.
  4. The wise Cardinal Gerdil survived the cataclysm, proving once and for all His devotion to the Lord. And Gerdil visited the sick and the injured and gave them his blessing should they return to God’s light.
  5. He was anointed Pope Clement XV and travels to France to bring the light to those heathens.
  6. Pope Clement XV, a Good and Just man tells of the light of the Heavens, glittering above the French, and they welcome him into their hearts and lands.
  7. A New Vatican is created in Avignon where Pope Clement teaches his Disciples of the wonders of God’s paradise.

Who Are The Sinners?

  1. God’s paradise is shown on Earth for all to see. His light shines from the Heavens, the sky tore open by His will alone. No longer shall any Man live in fear, for he can see the Path to Salvation simply by gazing up at the stars.
  2. Still, as always was and always will be, the Devil plays his tricks on non believers. He whispers falsehoods about Magick and worlds beyond.
  3. Pope Clement XV preaches his own Gospel, and in his Words are the commands of God almighty, made manifest to stop the Devil in his tracks.
  4. The Pope summons Miracles, powers from Heaven itself that are completely distinguishable to the foul Magicks learned by the Satanists.
  5. His followers are bidden to Venice to stop the Devil.
  6. And so they arrive, finding a Palace of Sin. The evil within the city claws at their minds and souls, the Devil’s tricks contorting God’s true Greatness and testing them through stigmata, madness, and boils over their bodies.
  7. The Devil has taken a hold on the populace, conjuring images of a False God, and causing the weak to fight against the Vatican Forces.
  8. Patriarch Bishop de Bernis leads the charge, overcoming the foulest illusions and leading the forces against the sinners. They fight day and night before winning a Glorious Victory for the small island of San Pietro di Castello. A true home for Believers.
  9. The Devil plays his tricks on the people of Venice, tempting them with powers and Magicks. Pope Clement XV orders the extermination of all of the Devil’s imposters.
  10. Hunt the Witch.

How Do You Command God’s Forces?

  1. It was said that the faithful should march on Venice by foot.
  2. It was said that they should be implacable.
  3. It was said that they really don’t climb or jump or swim particularly well.
  4. They’re quite slow, is what I’m saying.
  5. But that’s okay, because it was said that they should have armour of faith.
  6. And metal.
  7. Seriously, quite a lot of metal. They’re really tough. High Protection all round, really.
  8. And they shall be at one with the Lord’s Blessings.
  9. Several of them shall be able to summon the power of God himself.
  10. Plain talk: they can have a lot of magic.
  11. While most don’t have access to spells, there are several key players who are extremely good at magic.
  12. Or extremely bad I guess?
  13. The Exorcist is great at dispelling enemy spells, and the Inquisitor is a great Mage.

  1. And talk about aura abilities!
  2. Loads of characters in the gang have great Command Abilities, and you can get a lot of Command Points to go around.
  3. Things like Expert Offence, Fear, and even Penetration on their weapons. It can be very good to turtle up to make the most of them!
  4. Oh and did I mention Will Points?
  5. They have a lot.
  6. And they are extremely good at replenishing them. Even their Command Ability replenishes Will Points in an aura:

  1. They’re basically good for an entire game of Will Point use, it’s really handy, especially to offset some of their slow speed and low Dexterity.
  2. Throw a few Will Points in and it really balances them out. Either than or put them into attacking.
  3. Not everyone in the faction is super good at attacking, but most will easily hold their own. Characters like the Avignon Guard and Executioner are powerhouses of combat though, and with such high Protection and Life Points, they’re able to take a punch too.
  4. They may be quite slow, but your opponent will struggle to deal with them if they support each other. And try getting them off an objective! No chance!
  5. Is this number thing getting annoying now? I think so. Let’s call it a day there.

If you fancy a gang that is extremely tough, very hard to take down, and can really overpower itself through careful use of aura abilities, check out the Vatican now! There are some available on the webstore, and more coming this Friday!

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