WIP Wednesday – It’s In Ruins!

It’s WIP Wednesday, so let’s look at some WIPs!

We’ve had a lot of Dropzone and Dropfleet in WIP Wednesday recently (for good reason), so it’s time to go back to Tabletop Scenics and see what the designers are designing!

This massive ruined complex is from Ben’s desk. Ben, Neil, and Mike are all working on some new Fantasy Realms products, each with their own theme.

Ben’s kits are focusing on ruined stone walls of a castle or an ancient city.

Neil is working on some kits that look like a barbarian camp, complete with big wooden walkways.

And Mike is making a crumbling fantasy town, with sprawling walkways and plenty of tall towers and tiled roofs.

The most exciting part? The three are working together to produce a completely modular range, similar to our Industrial Hive kits. That means that all three ranges are designed to be compatible. So if you want some old ruins that have been occupied by goblin invaders, you can do that! If you want a falling down city built on ancient ruins, you can do that too!

As usual, the disclaimer is that these kits are still very WIP, and subject to plenty of changes before release. And when are they coming? I don’t know!

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  1. Ooooooooh ooooh, those look rather tempting… Loving the sound of all three ranges, dou lt so with them working together…

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