Teaser Tuesday – The Vatican Invade!

It’s Tuesday, and time to go back to Carnevale!

With Battle for Earth out the door and on its way to everyone’s houses, it’s a good point to return to Carnevale with a new release on Friday.

We’re going to tease just the two boxed sets going up for pre-order this Friday, with a couple of surprises we’ll show you later in the week!

The first set is the Vatican Armed Forces.

This set sees Patriarch Bishop de Bernis arrive in Venice, and what an arrival! With a fully armed and armoured entourage!

We’ve seen the Bishop’s Guard previously in the Kickstarter, although they’re gaining an extra Guard in this set.

This is also the release of the Avignon Guard, which is a brand new character, and the first of its kind in the game since the KS campaign! This guy is clad in full plate armour with a massive greatsword. Is full plate a good idea in a city full of water? That’s debatable, but it does offer unparalleled protection.

With a Leader (and a really good one at that), a Hero, and three Henchmen, this is a great gang in itself.

Secondly we have the Strigoi Footsoldiers. These are who Vlad sends out into the night when he wants stuff to get done (and by “done” we mean “viciously attacked”).

This set contains two Common Strigoi, two Reapers, and a Thrall, which is a great expansion to a Strigoi gang. The striding Common Strigoi was one of the most popular miniatures in the KS campaign, and it’s no surprise! We also have a brand new pose for the Reaper, available here for the first time.

Common Strigoi are dangerous enough, but Reapers really are something else. We’ll have a look into these weirdos later this week.


Like I say, we’ve still got two other surprises coming your way on Friday, with plenty more after that too! We’ll be back this week to dive a little into these boxed sets with lore and tactics, so stop back soon.

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