New Releases – Guild and Rashaar

It’s new releases time in Venice!

We have four new releases for Carnevale fans today.

All are available to pre-order now, for release next Friday.

The Prince’s Court set for the Guild is out today. We’ve learned a bit about the thieves here on TTCommunity this week, so check that out if you haven’t already.

This set contains a complete gang for Carnevale, with the Prince of Thieves are your Leader, two Baronis as your Heroes, and two Pilferers as Henchmen.

This little gang is pretty efficient, especially at stealing Objectives! With a fair amount of ranged weaponry (the Prince has a hidden gun!), this is a nice, balanced list that will absolutely dominate the rooftops.

The Deeper Denizens set is the next release, which is a great upgrade for Rashaar players. Anyone that bought the Rashaar Starter Gang will find a great set here to expand your gang.

The Hybrids are good all-round Henchmen choices, and the extra Slave is great for stealing Life Points from and also for feeding herself to monsters! Of course, the real superstar is the Raadru, who is one of the biggest and scariest creatures in Carnevale, able to deal out more hurt than most Leaders, and take more pain than almost any other character!

Our next release is just a single model on his own, but you don’t need many others! The Rialto Assassin has been much-anticipated, particularly here in the office! A Hero choice for the Guild beyond measure, the Rialto Assassin makes short work of most opponents with his Balanced Throwing Knives, great speed and tough Protection.

Make no mistake, any Guild player would do well to include a Rialto Assassin in their gang!

Our last set for release today is this pack of Round Wells.

We can’t have a Carnevale release without some coinciding Streets of Venice scenery, after all!

This set of three wells makes the perfect accessory for your board. They’re fairly sizeable, which makes them perfect as small obstacles in your games.


So if you fancy picking up any of these new kits, head over to the TTCombat webstore today! They’re on pre-order, so order today and we’ll send them out on release next Friday.

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