New Rules – Rialto and Hybrids

With new models out today, we have new rules too!

With the release of three new Carnevale sets this week, we have some updates for you gamers!

As part of our on-going effort to balance Carnevale as much as we can (as much as you can balance on a floating city – don’t @ me), we have some new rules for you today!

The buff hammer has hit the Rialto Assassin. He has lowered in Ducats from 19 to 18 (not a big difference, but still cheaper!), and has gained Smoke Bombs in his equipment pouches. Now after he’s thrown his knives he can escape quickly and without fear of being shot on the way out!

However, the buff hammer gives and the nerf hammer takes away. The Rialto Assassin has gotten a bit slower, dropping down to 2 Action Points. Now to make the most of him, you’ll have to have plenty of Command Points on hand to give him extra activations. Luckily I know a new boxed set that has a total of 8 of them!

Secondly we have an update to the Hybrids. Seeing as you get two of them in the new Deeper Denizens set, they deserve a bit of a buff!

These little mutants have sped up a little, gaining +1 MOVE, which makes them much more useful on land. They’ve also gained 2 Will Points, so they’re a bit more reliable. And the buff hammer doesn’t stop there, as they’re now only 10 Ducats! That means that they’re a rather tempting choice, even compared to the Officiants of the Church of Dagon.

While still not the strongest characters around, these tweaks make the Hybrids a much more attractive (just not physically) prospect for Rashaar players.


These changes have been updated on both in the character cards section of the Resources tab, and in the gang builder itself. As always, if the changes don’t appear, it’ll be worth clear your browser cache.

Enjoy the changes, and let us know how you get on! We rely on player feedback to aid us in our quest to balance out the game, so let us know if you have any thoughts and experience with your gangs.

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