A Tactical Look – The Thrill of the Hunt

With the impending release of the Hunting Party box we thought we’d have a look at how to use these slightly worse for wear nobles in your games of Carnevale!

The Hunting Party contains an Adventuring Noble, two Syphilitic Nobles, and two Household Staff. Out of the box you’ll need to add at least one leader and one henchman, the box contains 3 heroes and 2 henchmen. Adding a Venetian Noble and a Barnabotti gives you a nice 98 ducat gang, giving you a couple of ducats spare for equipment.

This gang is one that really wants to get up close and personal. With the Household Staff having Bodyguard(Noble) you’ll be able to wade your Syphilitic Nobles into the thick of it. With a protection of 2 he’s not going to survive many hits, but with an attack of 5 and Fear, he’ll be handing out damage left, right, and centre.

The Adventuring Noble is one of the patricians only Mages and opens up a lot of options for a Patricians gang. Give him Gateway to move your own characters into position, or an enemy character into a group of your own. Boiling Veins is best on low level mages and gives this gang some much needed ranged damage. Getting him into position to cast or take down larger opponents is easy with a Dexterity of 5 and Acrobatic(1).

The Henchmen in this gang are able to pull more weight than they may let on. This gang has a lot of Command Points for its size, 8 in fact, with 4 of those only being able to be used on Henchmen. Getting an extra action for reloading is never a bad thing, or attacking two targets with a Cast Iron Utensil wielding Household Staff.

This gang has a lot of damage output from your Syphilitic Nobles so it’s important to get the most out of them, keep them safe with your Household staff. Get them into position with Gateway, or boost their attack with Bloodlust and they’ll be sure to take something out. The rest of your gang is pretty solid on it’s own, Barnabotti’s and Venetian Nobles are great to pair up and are great damage dealers on their own. You probably want to be actively hunting down enemy characters, go for the isolated and you won’t have a problem, with no Mindless characters you won’t have to worry too much about objectives, just get them when you can.

The above only adds two characters from the Patricians Starter Gang, if you wanted to use these with the City Guard box, you can swap a Household Staff for a Soldier of the Guard and add a Commander and Marksman of the Guard. You’ll want to play parts of it more defensively as befitting of the City Guard, maybe even swap out a Syphilitic Noble for a Captain of the Guard for an even more defensive gang.

You can pick up a copy of the Hunting Party box here, and the other boxes mentioned in this article here.

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