Teaser Tuesday – Streets of Venice

It’s time to tease!

This Friday we will be releasing one of the biggest waves of Streets of Venice kits ever!

At current count we will have twelve new products on sale on Friday! Alright, a lot of them are floor sections, but still – that’s a lot of new kits!

So what do we have? I’m here to tease just a couple.

The Chisea di San Paternian (yes I did have to check the spelling) is our first kit.

Replacing the Chapel, this kit boasts a whole load of improvements. For a start, all the greyboard has been replaced with MDF, meaning the detail is more pronounced. The roof is also MDF, which makes the whole kit so much more stable. As with all of the other remastered Streets of Venice kits, the roof angles have been lowered, which means less chance of your models falling off (that happened a lot with the old kit).

The way the church opens has also been changed – we’ll look more at that on Friday.

Finally – after long last – the Palazzo Valteria is seeing a release! This one has been changed a lot!

You may not have seen the Palazzo Valteria before. It was made for last year’s Streets of Venice event boards – massive bundles of kits we sell only at shows we attend. However, the Valteria had its fair share of issues.

As with the Chisea the remastered Valteria has an MDF roof at a nice pitch. We’ve removed the plaza section from beneath the Palazzo, as we had a fair few people requesting it without. Saves a lot of wood, and makes the kit a really good price!

Finally – and this was the biggest complaint we had from those able to buy the old one – we’ve added a balcony and some window boxes. This means that characters can actually climb to the top of this massive building in games of Carnevale!

This massive kit is so good I thought I’d show you the back too! The window boxes can be glued on wherever you want – so you can make it easy or hard to climb. It also comes with a few little crates suggesting exactly who owns the building, but I won’t spoil that for you!

So that’s two of the twelve kits coming this Friday – we’ve also got a new bridge, new floor tiles, and some really great bundles too. Pop back on Friday for more information!

And don’t forget – all the old kits are getting removed on Friday, so get over to the TTCombat webstore to pick up the last chance to buy items if you want a complete collection!

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