NEW RULES – Patricians & The Doctors

To celebrate the launch of the Aether-Psychology set for the Doctors and the Patricians Hunting Party, we have some updated rules!

That’s right, we’ve updated three stat sheets on

You’ll find the updated sheets in the gang builder (you may need to clear your cache) as well as in the downloadable cards.

But what changes do we have? Let’s look!

The Patricians’ Household Staff have seen an update to make them a bit more useful in mixed gangs. Can you see it?

They now have Bodyguard and Companion (Noble), rather than specifically (Venetian Noble). This new Noble keyword has been added to a few characters: the Venetian Noble (obviously), the Adventuring Noble, Syphilitic Noble, and Foreign Noble.

It’s a small change with big ramifications. Bodyguard allows them to move into base contact with an enemy if the enemy charges any of those nobles listed. They also get to make an Attack of Opportunity when they do! That means a huge amount of characters gain some added defence, and the Household staff suddenly become a lot quicker overall!

All of the nobles above have also had their character cards updated with those changes.

The Doctor of the Mind has seen a bit of an upgrade in two places.

Firstly, he’s gained an extra Parry point, putting him up to Parry (3). That’s a big deal, since you’re forcing your opponent to re-roll 3 successful hits against him! Although his Protection is low, his disarming gaze is enough to put anyone off!

Secondly his Mind Gazing Command Ability has seen a big buff! Now all friendly characters within 6″ gain Fear (2) until the end of the round. That’s up from Fear (0), which means the Doctor of the Mind – as powerless as he may look – can become the lynchpin for a successful Doctors assault, and that’s something that a gang could really benefit from!

The next change is to the ubiquitous Madman. These Henchmen are pretty much a must when playing Doctors, since their Will Points power the Doctors’ spells and weapons. Particularly in smaller games the Doctors suffer a little since they’re tied to these characters that – besides being mobile batteries – in all honesty don’t really do much. Since they have low Attack and Protection and cannot claim Objectives at the end of the game (although they can still pick them up (with their teeth) and run off with them), they are a bit naff really!

However, now you get a little discount. Madmen have gone down to 7 Ducats, and also gained 1 Will Point too, meaning that they’re still utter rubbish, but at least you get more bag for your buck!

Finally, the Nurses have received a bit of a buff too. It’s buffs all round for the Doctors today!

They’ve dropped in price to 9 Ducats, making them a very cheap choice.

The big change though is that they have gained the Healer special rule. This allows them to put Will Points into their Cantrip (the only one they can use with Mage 0) to increase its potency. Now they become real powerhouses of healing, replenishing up to 5 Life Points and 1 Will Point in a single activation! That’s very useful for some of your more squishy Doctors characters, and can make tough characters like the Warden extremely hard to hurt!


There we go, Doctors players! That’s a little boost for you! If you like the look of these changes, don’t forget that the Aether-Psychology box is on pre-order now!

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