New Release Friday – Carnevale

It’s new release time!

It’s Friday again, which means more new releases. We’re all off to Salute this weekend, but the release train doesn’t stop! Choo choo!

We’ve learned all about the Patricians this week, and we’ll be looking at some rules next week. In the meantime, why not pick up the Hunting Party box?

It contains a brave and magical Adventuring Noble, two loyal Household Staff to protect your nobles, and two Syphilitic Nobles to give a bit of berserk rage to your gang!

The Doctors are here with Aether-Psychology. This box gives you a complete gang!

The Leader is the Doctor of the Mind – a slow and fragile character who provides surprising amounts of offensive ability and very strong magic. The Warden protects him (and hits people!) as a strong Hero choice. Finally three Henchmen choices are in the box: the battery pack Madman, and two Nurses who are particularly adept at stitching together wounds.

We have a new Gifted character this week too – the Aberration is coming out to play! A twisted result of a Doctor’s experiments, the Aberration broke free and now hires out its services to the highest bidder (or just smashes anyone that happens to be around).

With ridiculously high attack power and an insane (pun intended) number of Will Points, the Aberration is a heavy hitter for any gang.

Our Quick Play Dice also see release today. With a combination of red, blue, and green, they’re the perfect set for keeping track of Life, Will, and Command Points respectively.


Finally what Carnevale release would be complete without some scenery?

This piece is a Noble Gondola. It’s a nice, fancy version of the gondola model so ubiquitous in Venice. With exquisitely detailed seats and wood panels and a nice covered floor, this is the perfect transport for any Patricians players (or any gang that likes the finer things in life).


All of these new products are on pre-order today! They’ll  be released on Friday 12th April (next week). Click here to pre-order yours on the TTCombat webstore.

Also, if you’re attending Salute this weekend, we’ll have all these models on pre-release! They have limited quantities though, so don’t wait to visit stand TK12!

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