Teaser Tuesday – LGT Terrain

This week we have some new Sci-Fi Gothic terrain, for a very special reason…

Eager Warhammer 40,000 gamers among you may know about the London Grand Tournament.

After the growing pains last year, we contacted them to discuss scenery, and we’re happy to be providing all the terrain for 2019’s LGT!

Now, we know that practice makes perfect, and anyone going to a tournament is going to want to practice, so this week we’re releasing the full range of LGT scenery to buy in advance to practice on! A bunch of new sets will be joining our Sci-Fi Gothic range this Friday.

There are several ruined corners coming, including the Municipium Sector Small Corners (this is just one of them).

There’s also a patch of difficult ground in the form of the Municipium Sector Fan Platform.

The crowning piece in the set though is the Municipium Sector Industrial Scaffold. This 3-tier structure is modular, allowing you to move the different storeys around game to game, meaning this single piece of scenery can make dozens of different variations!

These sets (and more) are being released on the TTCombat webstore this Friday. And what’s more, they’re also going to be available in discounted bundle deals, allowing you to completely fill out a board very affordably. This includes a set which exactly matches the terrain for the London Grand Tournament, so pop back on Friday to start practising!

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