A Tactical Look: Pulcinellas.

A Tactical look at the new Pulcinellas box for the Guild  in Venice. How to use these drunken maniacs that have all but given up on life?

Hi everyone, it’s Chris here. I’m sure you are wondering how to use the Pulcinellas to bring victory in the streets of Venice, and more coin for the Guild. “WHAT! I have no intention of making money for those b*********! I just want a fight and a drink, in whichever order!”

Ahem…. Sorry, that would be my friend Andrea here who is today’s King Pulcinella. “And a damn fine job I’m doing to, we already smashed one tavern up and beaten up some people in fancy pantsy clothes!” 

Sorry, I’ve got Andrea to be quiet a minute by giving him another glass of wine. Now I can actually get this guide done. The box set comes with 52 ducats worth of models, not quite enough for a full game, we can boost that with two more Pulcinellas to 72 ducats and give them some Bottled Courage “Drank that already! *hic*” And a Flashbang grenade to make a 75 Ducat gang. Or you can go all out and use two boxes, make the spare King into a normal Pulcinella and have a 100 Ducat gang of madmen.


The Characters:

First of all, we have the Leader of the gang, The King Pulcinella “That’s me! *hic*” He is, and I use the term loosely here, leading this gang of drunken madmen into the streets of Venice. “Wait! What did you call us?” 

King Pulcinella Stat Card

Firstly, and most importantly, he makes all the Pulcinellas in the gang, not including those on Ostriches, lose the mindless special rule, so now they can claim objectives. “Damn right! They do as I tells them now! *hic*” 

He, as with all the Pulcinellas has mob rule, meaning they become very effective when ganging up on individual characters. Get this whole box of jesters together and the King himself has an impressive 8 attacks! “More of us there are, easier to get the boot in!”

Finally, his command ability. Giving all his drunken friends First Strike(2) means they can really stack up those attacks on mass when charging into battle. These guys have the potential to club anything into submission. It  might not be delicate swordplay, but it’s just as effective.

Next is the Ostrich Riding Pulcinella, basically a drunken mad jester on a vicious animal that isn’t remotely tamed. “Haha, Hey lads look, Paolo has got himself one of those ostrich things to ride! Haha, go Paolo! *hic*” 

Ostrich Pulcinella Statcard

Essentially it’s a normal Pulcinella on an Ostrich so it can move faster. It can also disengage much easier from it’s enemies so it can run away if the fighting get’s too intense. “None of us ever run away! You calling us cowards there? Better watch your mouth! *hic*” 

Next is the standard Pulcinella, well we have two in this box to increase the amount of attacks we can cause with Mob Rule.

Pulcinella Stat Sheet

Since we have a King Pulcinella we don’t need to worry about the Mindless rule, so these guys can claim objectives. like the others in the gang their weapons have stun, so stun people and push them in the water to take more damage. (I seem to advocate this tactic a lot, I don’t do it in real life I promise.)


Ok let’s be honest, past throwing everyone at the same model and using mob rule and stun to club everyone to death, and occasionally using the Kings command ability, this isn’t a very tactical list, and that’s why it’s so fun. Simply charge everything at the nearest enemy character and club it to death. “That’s what me and the boys like, we’ve already been judged as not worthy, no need for clever thinking now!”

Final Thoughts:

So with that I’ll leave you, enjoy your time with the Great and Noble Cult of the End of Days, they are an interesting bunch that’s for sure.  And I’m sure Andrea has a few words for you all.

“I certainly do, I hereby claim this place as the property of the Great and Noble Cult of the End of Days! Come on lads, let’s get the drinks in and cause some trouble!”

“Wait, it’s not the end of the day yet, oh… Oh it is… Ummm, well I didn’t really mean to call you that Simeone, no please, no put that down!” *Various clubbing sounds heard and moans of pain.*

Well seems it’s time for a new King for tomorrow. I’ll be back with my thoughts on using the new Cult of Dagon set later in the week, until then, farewell and enjoy Venice.

3 Replies to “A Tactical Look: Pulcinellas.”

  1. The article says all Pulcinellas including ostriches lose mindless from the King for a Day rule, while the card says it only effects henchmen (ostriches are heroes not henchmen).

    Which of these are correct?

    1. The article is currently incorrect, I shall adjust it. The Ostrich Rider stays Mindless, he’s too pre-occupied with controlling the wild beast.

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