More New Bunkers

It’s Friday, so we have new releases for you!

That’s right everyone, we have a whopping six new releases this week!

If you’re a fan of games about war set in the grim dark future, then today is the day for you!

The first one we saw just the other day – the Fortified Command Centre. This massive kit has a lovely gothic chamber at the back, and a military-looking front, which connects with all of the Fortified Frontline sections we released a couple of weeks ago.

The Fortified Barracks is our second kit, and – as you can probably guess from the name – also fits in the Fortified Frontline network. This is a big kit, perfect for some interior fighting. The roof is removable, so you’ll be able to play inside and outside.

Our smallest kit this week is this set of two Aqua Silos. These tiny bois make excellent line of sight blocking terrain, standing at 60mm tall. Perfect for small games with barely more than half a dozen infantry. Some kind of team to kill people with maybe?

We saw the Missile Silo earlier in the week, when I mentioned about being able to turn them into emplacements. Well, here’s how! The two little bits of wood stick on the top, and are cut to the perfect size to slot in one of our gun platforms. What I didn’t realise back then was just how cheap these are! £8 for 2!

The Fortified Bunker Tower is probably the tallest kit this week, standing at an impressive 260mm! It makes an awesome centrepiece, offering a great vantage point for sniping your enemies. And of course it also fits into our (now quite large) Fortified Frontline bunker complex!

Our final release this week is one that’s been asked for a whole bunch. It’s railway tracks!

I know, not very exciting is it? But it’s something you all wanted, so here you go! We do these train tracks in our Sci-Fi Gothic train sets, but here’s a set in case you want to make one really long train track. Choo choo!

Phew! That’s it from us this week. Remember, if you pick up any of these kits, we’ll ship them out first thing Monday morning.

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