We made an Unholy Union…

The Doctors of the Ospedale have created a true monster!

The pulsing mass of bodies groaned every time it moved. Dracula climbed around it, trying to avoid its grasp, but everywhere he landed were more limbs. He cut and sliced with his halberd, jumping from point to point. Every swing cut off more pieces and yet still it seemed unending.”- Blood on the Water page 51

A true monster is coming out this week for Carnevale but besides this, we’ve got even more Eastern Empire MDF heading to the TTCombat store this Friday.

Unholy Union

It took VLAD DRACULA to conquer an Unholy Union in Blood on the Water but can you replicate his victory? You know this abomination is going to be a challenge when the leader of the Strigoi barely managed to silence the first of its kind before nearly collapsing in exhaustion. Made from an ungodly mass of deceased Citizens and Ospedale science, the Unholy Union is one of the most unique miniatures in Carnevale.

This product will be heading to our webstore on pre-order this Friday.

Toshi: Ochaya Gardens

A traditional inspired tea house set in a peaceful garde, you’ll struggle to find a more relaxing place on a tabletop. This kit features a removable roof that provides access to a detailed playable interior for your miniature wargames. Outside of the house, you’ll find a shallow pond with a spanning bridge, multiple hanging lights and two simple gateways.

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