New Light Armour Battlegroup for the UCM out this week!

The UCM is in need of some new reinforcements.

Coming to pre-order this Friday, the UCM has dedicated its impressive resources to developing this new Light Armour Battle. Packed with multiple light designed for quick response actions, this set will be ideal for the defenders of Mankind. Besides this week’s latest Resin releases, we also have multiple new MDF kits releasing also.

UCM Light Armour Battlegroup

This militaristic faction has expanded upon its initial Combined Armour Battlegroup and has refocused on rapid response. Three Katana Light Tanks are a nimbler version of the more common Sabre and are fitted with either twin cannons or a flamethrower. Also, you’ll find a pair of Longbow Howitzers which while lightly armoured are ideal for taking out enemy support units. A Titania Condor Dropship provides aerial support and is ideal for transporting your light tanks. Finally, we have a pair of the new Jackal/Dingo LAV’s.

More information about these LAV’s on Friday. Now onto this weeks MDF releases…

Sandstorm Ruins

This town used to be a thriving settlement filled with hard working citizens… that was until the raiders moved launched attacks from across the desert sands. The Sandstorm Ruins is a large kit containing multiple ruins Sandstorm homes. Like the rest of the range, this set is designed for 28-32mm wargames.

Starship Hallway

”Do you hear that metallic humming noise? Its probably nothing… what would want to live on a empty starship anyway.” The Starship Hallway kit serves two purposes. Capable of being used as either a modular gaming tile for skirmish games or ideally used in Sci-Fi RPG settings. Made from 3mm MDF and designed for 28-32mm wargames, this set releases Friday.

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