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Following the events of Blood on the Water, the Vatican has been searching for recruits…

It’s crazy to think that the story of Carnevale took a big step into its next chapter with Blood on the Water nearly a year ago. You can find it here for anyone who hasn’t yet played through the expansion. Following Malta’s fall, the Vatican managed to recoup some of its lost Hospitallers through the revival of the Templar Order. Besides this week’s latest Resin release, multiple new MDF kits.

Templar First Class

From the dismal despair faced by the Vatican forces following the events of BOTW comes the new Templar Order. Having been re-founded in the Cittadella of Gozo, this new organization is closely linked to the Knight Hospitaller & Order of Chevaleresse. The Templar Marshals are expert warriors with extreme proficiency at killing Rashaar. Only answering to the Knight Commanders and prone to acts of extreme bravery, these exemplary fighters are the Vatican’s new Heroes. The Venator of Devotion is a faithful warrior who cuts through the largest of foes thanks to her GIANT Zweihander great sword. A Conventual Chaplain uses his psychic communion to ‘see the way’ whilst the Maltese Squire and Reliquary Page provide support without trying to get themselves killed.

You can pre-order the Templar First Class today for £25.

Hangar Bay

The walls of this compound make landings here safer than most, though not entirely without risk! The Hangar Bay is a large modular kit and is ideal for starting or expanding your galactic miniature battlefield. Containing 6 wall sections and 4 corner pieces with various designs, this kit can be used in a multitude of ways. The walls provide a large amount of line of sight blocking opportunities whilst the large open hangar will allow for all-out warfare.

Designed for 28-35mm wargames, you can purchase this set today for £28.

Crashed Starship

Here lie the rusted remains of a crashed hulking ship from humanity’s distant past and now its home to scavengers and thieves. The Crashed Starship is a multi-section kit and contains a modular ruined starship hull. Capable of being spread across the tabletop, you can create opportunities for line-of-sight blocking sections and vantage points. Made from 3mm MDF and designed, for 28-35mm tabletop games, this set is ideal for galactic-themed warfare.

You can purchase the Crashed Starship today for £12.


Trading shuttles and privately owned spaceships use the Space Port for docking, loading, and general cleaning of ships. A multi-building kit, it contains a landing pad, a small out building, and a radar control building. Finally, as the buildings can be spread across your tabletop, you can integrate them into other Sci-Fi Utopia products.

You can purchase this set of 28-35mm tabletop buildings today for £12.

Super-Laser Tower

”The entire world will bow down to my majestic laser of pew pew noise” or something on the lines of that. The Super Laser is tall, imposing and fantastic at blocking the enemies line-of-sight. Capable of having the turret rotate during gameplay, you can target in coming enemy craft with ease. Finally, this set is designed for 28-35mm wargames and made from 3mm MDF.

You can purchase the awesome laser of pew pew noises for only £10.

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