Templars are in Venice!

The Templars have returned…

Following the order’s downfall and initial persecution by 1314, not even Grandmaster Jacques de Molay escaped the flames of hell but now Venice calls. The events of Blood on the Water had huge implications for the gangs of Venice and the Vatican lost both men and resources following the fall of Malta. Besides this week’s exciting addition to Carnevale, we also have some new Sci-Fi Utopia terrain available this Friday.

Templar First Class

The Knight Hospitaller faced the bulk of the fighting in Malta and lost countless order members. Under the command of its master, knights, squires, and common citizens have been indoctrinated into the New Templar Order. Even women were allowed into the resurrected organisation and proved to be fierce fighters filled with rage towards the mindless Rashaar. Now closely linked with the Hospitaller and Order of the Chevaleresse, only time will tell if the Templars can avoid the flames a second time.

Super-Laser Tower


”Pew pew, Commander this laser is so much fun I don’t even feel bad about shooting the enemy”. Okay so you don’t have to make the noise but it sure is fun to. This Super-Laser Tower is ideal for shooting down enemy ships and providing a line of sight opportunity. Made from 3mm MDF and designed for 28-32mm wargames, this building will be available Friday.

Crashed Starship

Here lies the ruins of an ancient crashed starships from mankind golden age, shame its just a wreck now. The Crashed Starship is a multi part kit that can be spread across your battlefield and provides fantastic line of sight breaking opportunities. Besides this, you can also gain a vantage point over the enemy with ease. Made from 3mm MDF and designed for 28-32mm wargames, you can order this set on Friday.

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