Tactical look – Rolling Bones Superstars

Rising stars, no literally rising, they’re undead! Lets see how their drop dead moves will help your team throw it out of the ring and into the grave.

We will be looking at three new superstars for the rolling bones faction, two of which can be taken as a tag team. The first is the howling hungry basketball playing Michelle J Wolf, she brings such speed and agility to the ring that no-one knows what hit them. The tag team is none other than the undead couple themselves Frank n Stine, these two wrestlers will shock their opponents into submission.

Michelle J Wolf

This hairy superstar can pack a punch in your Rolling Bones team. Rocking some pretty impressive stats, mainly focused on ATT and DEX. Three silver in ATT means Beatdowns are a common occurrence with Michelle, making her a real danger in the ring, especially to lower stamina characters. Her DEX is equally as impressive, 1 gold and 1 silver mean she can take initiative with ease, making here excellent for sudden plays. Michelle’s Crowd Pleaser, McKinley School Spirit, gives +1 to all her base stats, this further increases the output of this superstar and makes here very effective for her relatively low cost.

Moving onto her moves, she has both a Rope and Turnbuckle attack as well as an Activate ability. Diving Calf Kick packs a punch with 2 silver +1 and causing 2 damage on success, the large benefit compared to a regular rope attack is the addition of jump, this means no wrestler is safe from this leaping hound as well as reducing the risk of Michelle being blocked in.

Her Turnbuckle attack, Slam Dunk, is her signature move. This move will use all of Michelle’s AP but it’s well worth it. 2 Gold and a Copper is a great attack stat and the RNG of 7 is one of the largest in the game, meaning everyone is at the threat of being leapt on by this athletic hound. The greatest strength of this attack comes from the Knockdown rule, this creates great potential as wrestlers who are knockdown have 0 for DEF and are opened to being pinned. If you can get a 1 +AP counter on Michelle, she can climb the turnbuckle, carry out her Slam Dunk move and if successful then  attempt a pin at the attacked wrestler, all this in one activation!

Curse of the Lycanthrope is her Active Ability, 2 gold is a solid attack stat, but this attack does one thing and that is give bleed and permanently! Any wrestler that gains a bleed counter from this attack cannot remove bleeding counters for the rest of the game, this puts constant pressure on enemy wrestlers because once the curse sets in, there is no cure.

Frank N Stine

The first half of this undead Tag Team is Frank. This large brute is posing a solid statline at weight 3. With 3 silver dice in ATT and 1 gold, 1 copper +1 in DEF, he not only dish’s it out but can take it as well. Durability is further increased thanks to the higher stamina of 12. Largest difference that stands out compared to regular weight 3’s is the additional AP, this can make him a real threat, carrying out more actions that most at his size.

His special attack lighting lunge is a rope attack to envy. 2 gold +1  as well as 2 damage base means this will make a large impact with any wrestler who gets in his way.

Frank’s Active ability Power of the Gods allows him to give every wrestler he’s in base contact with 1 -AP counter, this doesn’t affect models with the Undead rule, meaning a themed team with the Undead rule is excellent to combo with Frank. This theme is further valuable due to Frank’s Crowd Pleaser Supercharge, this for 2 AP gives all Undead wrestler’s 1 +AP counter, further increasing their effectiveness.

Frank’s loving wife Stine is ready to rumble. Packing a decent statline with a huge 2 gold in ATT, means this undead superstar is not messing around. Her huge ATT is complimented by those Big Giant fists, these double the damage of all Brawl attacks made by stine….including Beatdowns, that means a starting Beatdown on  a wrestler causes base 4 damage!

Stines special Turnbuckle attack the Frankensteiner can deal incredible amounts of damage with 2 gold +1 and a base DMG of 3, it does have an extremely short range but if you can pull it off, it will be devastating.

Replacement Parts allows for Stine to upgrade throughout the match, for each time she activates her crowd pleaser, she gains +1 to anyone of her stats, this can only be done to each stat once.

The Tag ability of Frank n Stine shows the power of these undead love birds, They’re Alive! brings a huge amount of durability to each superstar, they recover a point of Stamina for each point of Damaged caused, this includes Beatdowns, the healing potential from this attack is huge, this is due to the 4 copper statline as well as the base DMG of 2, good solid role on this attack can replenish a huge amount of Stamina.

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