Dropfleet Commander has new Space Stations & our Carnival has expanded!

Dropfleet Commander is expanding and It’s time to secure new tactical borders for the UCM and the parasitic Scourge! But don’t worry if you’re not in the exploration mood as the Carnival is in town.

It feels like an age since the PHR & Shaltari launched their Space Stations in the hope of securing and holding their territory. Now it’s time for the UCM and Scourge to launch their more compact stations. Besides this week’s latest additions to Dropfleet Commander, we have some new MDF terrain joining our City Streets line of products.

UCM Small Space Station

With a blocky build and a conventional grey paint scheme, this space station is easily recognised as belonging to the UCM. These new small stations have been mass produced by mankind in a hope of defending their remaining territory and holding the line. Available to build in two variants, the UCM Defence Hangar is capable of sending Fighters and Bombers into the fray to intercept enemy pilots.

Forgoing the impressive Defence Hangar, the second alternative build replaces the launch bays in favour of four torpedoes that hold a payload of standard UCM torpedoes.

Space stations are integral to many scenarios in Dropfleet Commander – highly appropriate for the game’s orbital combat setting! Therefore you can purchase this miniature today for £15.

Scourge Small Space Station

Whilst little is known about the Scourge intentions, the parasitic race have been making additions to their fleet resources. When they are unable to alter pre-existing space stations, they are capable of crafting their own.  In such situations they will construct either the Ephyra or Nematocyst. Whilst the Ephyra is the far more numerous of the two and contains rows of Oculus weapons for long range defensive capabilities. Whilst not necessarily dangerous enough to destroy fleets of ships, the threat of Oculus weapons makes most attackers steer clear of Scourge lines.

The Nematocyst is the long range specialist of the Scourge Stations and is usually the first to fire upon engaging enemy fleets. Its Volcano Lance is capable of covering a ship with a beam of thermal energy. However with great cosmic power comes the downside of being as visible as the ship your firing upon.

Space Stations are integral to many scenarios you’ll find in Dropfleet Commander and will be a crucial kit for many gamers. Therefore you can order this miniature today for £15.


It would be discriminatory to band adults from the Carousel so we’ll only ask that you leave all food & alcohol with your kids. Now before anyone has any accidents, we do not advise spinning the Carousel as fast as you can, especially if miniatures are on riding! Made from 3mm MDF and designed for 28-32mm tabletop wargames, this set will provide some comedic opportunities to break your opponents line of sight by hiding behind a horse!

You can purchase this kit today for only £16.

Haunted Fun House

Okay parents, its time to scare your kids straight and put them off horror films for the rest of their lives! Inside you might find ghosts, monsters, psychopathic inbred killers, and maybe the worst villain of all… 28-32mm miniatures! Oh the horror is real in the Haunted Fun House. Made from 3mm MDF, this set is designed to support interior play and is three stories of possible murder fun. Sadly no killer clowns are included with this kit, but you will find rich story telling opportunities for RPG fans.

You can purchase the Haunted Fun House today for £28.

That’s it for today! If your a running an event or a store that stocks TTCombat products, make sure you reach out and we’ll feature you on our Social Media Channels. 

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