The time has arrived to raise the dead and WRESTLE!

Okay, so heres the plan! You get the Wight in a choke hold, and I’ll tackle the suplex the Modern Zombie!

It’s a scary day in the TTCombat office… The undead are rising from the mass graves outside of the Rolling Bones. Whilst all of this carnage is going on, we also have multiple brand new MDF terrain heading to our Sci-Fi Utopia range. Don’t forget that today’s products will be available to order now!

Body Builders

When all you have is bones to work with you’d best make skeletons! The Body builders have crawled out from the graveyards surrounding the Rolling Bones and are ready to wrestle. Starting with everyones favourite four-legged friend, Good Boy is always supporting his undead team and wins over the crowd. The Goatman benefits from huge damage output thanks to its RAM ATTACK! Everyone will need to take their eyes of Modern Zombie who is capable of extreme bouts of movement when she gets off her darn phone. Bringing the heat to the ring, Fight Wight dazes its opponents with fiery tricks but all these Wrestlers are eclipsed by The Bulging Barrow! This hulking mass of bones is a literal tank and plows its undead self through numerous foes.

You can raise this team from their graves today for £25

Dead of Winter

”WHAT DOES EVERYBODY WANT?!?!? Its own head of course.” – Dead of Winter

Dead of Winters head might not actually be from the same person! constantly talking to his body and shouting out orders, the body attempts to talk back through stomps and gestures. Unlike in their first life, Deads head and body are inseparable but that doesn’t mean they always get along. Since they both seem to have minds of their own at times, you could argue that they’re actually a tag team but this is up for debate.

You can order Dead of Winter today for £8.

Besides these truly unique miniatures, we also have multiple new MDF releases.

Command Centre

We have reports coming from all over the battlefront sir, our troopers are advancing and retaking ground from enemy droids! The Command Centre is a modular, multi-part set. Capable of being set up in multiple layouts, this kit has been designed to adapt to your gaming space and scenarios. Made from 28-32mm wargames and made from 3mm MDF, this set will be a must have for fans of intergalactic games.

You can purchase the Command Centre today for £24.

Strike Fighter

Noble leaders need agile close combat Strike Fighters in order to lead troopers into space battles. This Strike Fighter kit has recently landed and is awaiting repairs and refuelling. Ideal scatter terrain for your intergalactic battlefields, this set is made from 3mm MDF and is designed for 28-32mm wargames.

You can purchase this kit today for only £12.

Flight Pad

Flight pad designation 01A is currently clear and ready to receive incoming Strike Fighters. The Flight Pad is a large area of terrain that provides a slightly elevated defensive structure and is designed to work with the Strike Fighter or any other small ships you may have in your collection. This kit is made from 3mm MDF and is intended for 28-32mm wargames.

You can purchase the Flight Pad today £10.

Sandstorm Hovel B

A quaint little home ideal for a family, its just a shame that its on a desolate backwater planet. Sandstorm Hovel B is a perfect small kit to fill out a housing buildings on your Sci-Fi tabletop. Although narrower than the Sandstorm Hovel A, this structure is taller and provides more variety for your games. Made from 3mm MDF and designed for 28-32mm wargames, this kit is suitable for futuristic tabletops.

You can purchase this kit today for only £10.


Close the blast doors and troopers form up! This is our last line of defence so channel the enemy slowly and concentrate blaster fire. The Bunker is a great kit intended to be used as an objective building. Designed to support interior play, the roof is completely removable to allow easier access. Made from 3mm MDF and scaled for 28-32mm miniature games, we advise using this set for futuristic battlefields.

You can purchase the Bunker today for £20.

That’s it for today! If your a running an event or a store that stocks TTCombat products, make sure you reach out and we’ll feature you on our Social Media Channels. 

Finally, If you have a project you want to start or add to your tabletop setup. Then make sure you head over to the TTCombat webstore for a wide range of miniatures and scenery. If you have anything of ours that you’d like to see featured as a Monday Motivation post. Please send us some photos to

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