A Tactical Look – Ottoman Corsairs

More travellers from the East, bringing their new skills and black powder weapons. Let’s see how these can be best used in your Patricians gang.

This new box provides great heroic reinforcements for your other Patricians and can go along with the Venetian Privateers that includes the Ottoman Pirate and Archers. We will look at each character and discuss their strengths, how they can be played in game and how to take on these deadly pirates from the coast.


The new Ottoman Corsairs box brings in a whole new array of characters to add to your Patrician gang, with two new hero types and two new henchman types, which can all pack a much needed punch to your gang.

Ottoman Janissary 

Up first is the Ottoman Janissary, this skilled swordsman is a jack of all trades but definitely not the master of any. Posing an extremely impressive stat line, this hero can deal swift and deadly strikes, as well as withstand some of the strongest attacks that the opponent might throw his way.

This character can adapt to all situations. He can lead his crew into combat through use of his command ability. Barbury Discipline gives +2 Movement when making run or climb actions to charge, guaranteeing that no enemy can hide. He can also act as a protector, keeping any daring rival from attacking your gang’s leader through his bodyguard rule; no assassin would risk that duel!

The Janissary can also fight off multiple enemies at once due to his brawler (1), this in combination with his high attack stat and Expert Offence (2) keeps any keen henchman at bay.

Dealing with this terrible foe is no easy task, due to high stats and excellent combat rules. The Janissary is truly an elite character for your gang, that should be used to push through the enemy as quickly and efficiently as possible. Opportunist gang leaders will want to send another combatant of equal strength and ability to deal as much damage as possible, however this will truly test their mettle.

Ottoman Cannoneer

The Cannoneer brings mid-ranged firepower to be envied, the damage +2 and penetration -2 means that she can punch through the strongest armour and take down the largest of foes. The weapon also has Knockback which can be extremely strong as it forces enemy characters out of position or off of high buildings. This can be a lethal attack in combination with the stats of the weapon.

She’s no slouch in combat, being struck by a cannon is definitely not ideal. Having stun on the basic attacks means that she will cause any character to reduce all their base stats by 1. If they somehow find themselves in the murky Venetian waters, they will take an additional 2 damage at the start of their turn. The Brawler (2) and large base size of the Cannoneer, means that strength in numbers is no concern of hers, meaning moving her out of position is not a simple task.

One of the best ways to deal with the Cannoneer is to hit her hard and fast with single strong characters, her low Protection and Dexterity characteristics mean that she will be easily struck in combat and weapons with Penetration will quickly start chipping away at her Life. It is also beneficial to remain quite close to the Cannoneer due to her Point Blank Detonation rule. This means any damage dealt by the solid shot hits her as well if the target is within 3′, receiving equal damage. It’s risk/reward with her!

Ottoman Rigger

The years of working on ships and climbing amongst the sails is clearly shown in the Ottoman Riggers play style. With an extremely impressive stat line possessing a Dexterity of 6 means that the Rigger will excel at moving across buildings and carrying out acrobatics that even the Strigoi or the fastest Capo would envy.

The Rigger makes an ideal objective grabber, as well as dealing with lone enemies that he catches out in the open and attacks from above. Striking from the roofs of buildings is made easy due to his Grappling Hook rule, meaning no damage is suffered when falling.

The Ottoman Rigger should be kept a close eye on if your opponent has one swinging from building to building. This enemy is hard to hit or even catch due to his high speed and agility. However once you catch him, he will fall easily to a well placed dagger due to his low Protection. Speed comes at the cost of survivability after all in the Streets of Venice!

Noble Seafarers

The Noble Seafarers can make a solid bases of henchman to your gang. With a solid stat-line and a very good amount of Will points, the Seafarers are able to increase their effectiveness regularly during the game. The Seafarers bear the Coach Gun, a brutal looking gun that provides even more good mid-range, high damage firepower to the patricians.

The Dive Knife, combined with Fast Swimmer (2) means the Seafarer fills a useful role of aquatic fighters, something the Patricians have been crying out for for a long time! They can be used to counter the creatures of the deep or aid their fellow soldiers who find themselves in the dangerous waters of Venice.

Being extremely comparable with the Barnabotti, with a similar stat line and the same amount of Life, the Seafarers differ with the addition of the Coach Gun and water combat capability. This gives further much needed options for the nobility of Venice.

These noble men and women shouldn’t be difficult to deal with due to their average Protection and Life, running into a brute especially out of water is not their idea of a good time.

If these Fearsome Corsairs look like they could make your gang pack a punch, take a look over on our website.


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