Say Goodbye to the Striketeam Event Miniatures

Striketeam Commander will be a future game set in the much larger Commander-Universe but its time to say goodbye to the event miniatures.

Welcome to today’s TTCommunity article and very soon the Striketeam Commander miniatures will be removed from the TTCombat website. Now, this isn’t goodbye forever as like most event products they will return in the future. The miniatures will be removed from sale this Friday so act fast if you want to pick up any of the following:

UCM Marine Force Recon Droptroop

The marines of the UCM often make us of Arrestor Packs, these backpack mounted devices are capable of performing the same role as parachutes of old. A standard Marine is a reasonably well trained and equipped solider with proven battle prowess and a track record of bravery in the face of the enemy.

This miniature is available until Friday for £8.

PHR Aristaeus Hellion

Amongst the PHR its common practice for combatants to integrate cybernetics. In fact all PHR citizens have some form of cybernetic implantation but the Aristaeus Hellions have taken this to the extreme. More machine than human, they use their own cybernetics for weaponry. More mysterious and better trained than the standard Immortals, you won’t see a Hellion using the RXp-57 or RXp-14 Longreach rifle.

You can purchase this miniature until Friday for £8.

Resistance Fighter 

Fighters of the Resistance are a varied rag-tag bunch of men & women looking to survive. Experts of guerilla warfare and specialists in fighting the invasive neuro-parastitical Scourge, a Resistance fighter makes do with what they can scavenge. Commonly armed with antique rifles, this lucky Fighter has clad his torso in thick armour.

You can still purchase this miniature but only until Friday for £8.

Scourge Warrior 

Captured Human hosts are forced into the Scourge Infantry ranks. Usually outfitted with the Scourge Plasma Rifle, Backpack with integrated power source and Scourge Helmet with Re-Breather, these troops are easily expendable. As the Scourge ages, its grip over the host begins to slip, revealing the mind of the host, tortured into insanity after decades of bloodshed.

This Scourge Warrior is available until Friday for £8.

Shaltari Pungari Serf

What Pungari lack in quality they make up for in sheer numbers. Armed with their overlord Shaltari weaponry, they are more of a threat then they initially appear. Taking the role originally meant for Humanity, the Pungari have taken to their enslaved role with great enthusiasm and fight with a complete disregard for their own safety.

Available to purchase until Friday, this miniature costs £7.

Shaltari Warchief

Its EXTREMELY rare to see a Shaltari outside of their armour, though as most Human contact with them is on the battlefield, it’s not surprising why. Shaltari are diminutive, standing a little over four feet high and are roughly humanoid in appearance. In the past this alien race enjoyed a cordial relationship with Humanity but those diplomatic days are dead.

You can still order the Shaltari Warchief until Friday for £7.

Whilst all of these miniatures will be returning in the future, no date is currently set so act fast if you want to start your Striketeam collection! Besides this miniature news, we also have an update regarding our White Box Bundles.

White Box Bundles

There isn’t much time left to benefit from huge savings on MDF terrain with our White Box Bundles. We currently have 9 bundles still available to purchase via the TTCombat website and each box contains more than enough terrain to fill out a game space. To answer the big question, these boxes will be removed from our website at the end of January and will NOT return in their current format.

Thats it for todays article! If you have a project you want to start or add to your tabletop setup. Then make sure you head over to the TTCombat webstore for a wide range of miniatures and scenery. If you have anything of ours that you’d like to see featured as a Monday Motivation post, then send us some photos to


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