Gifted Carnevale Characters, Giants Spiders and Boxed MDF!

More and more characters are being spotted along the canals of Venice! Rumours of Giant spiders are coming from the Fantasy Realms and new terrain is here!

Welcome to this week’s New Release article and today we have multiple products heading to TTCombat and Max Mini. It’s a fantastic time to be getting into Carnevale! With Christmas (I know its a bad word) nearly upon us, this is a great time to gift friends some…Gifted characters! ha-ha hilarious. Additionally, we have some Giant miniatures available today.

Artist and Painted Protectors

Maria Fioritura is one of the Gifted citizens granted mysterious powers by the Rent. A skilled artist before gaining her god-like powers, Maria has brought to life her own Painted Protectors. Incredibly tough her Knights are ware soluble so maybe keep them away from the docks. Everyone should beware Maria who is a powerful mage with access to 3 different disciplines besides her own Creative Creation spell.

You pre-order the powers of Maria today for  £15.


Ahhh the tale of Pierrot is a tragic one. Pierrot is the Everyman or everyone could be Pierrot? Able to blend into the crowd, your never sure when a Pierrot might pop up next! If you or your enemy are using Pierrot then be on your guard… that Gondoliere could be Pierrot, that small Urchin could be Pierrot or that Pierrot could be another PIERROT! God this is getting confusing. Basically if your character is about to be charged but Pierrot is within 6′ of base contact then fear not, the enemy actually hit a Pierrot and not someone more valuable.

You can pre-order a trio of Pierrot today for £15.

Executioner & Crucifiers

For the glory of God, heretics and heathens shall not be permitted to live! We will end their suffering if they refuse to accept the Vatican’s path. Executioners and Crucifiers are tasked with ending the lives of those that refuse to bow before the church.

You can pre-order these new sculpts today for £15.

Demagogue & Urchins

Demagogue says we should make friends with the mysterious fishmen. Going on about how they’re ”real nice once you get to know them.” I don’t know about you but im staying well away from that dog looking shark thing. This Demagogue is able to inspire and incite your forces to prove themselves for Dagon. Supported by to young Urchins, these hybrids and more than happy to cause mischief.

You can pre-order this blister of new sculpts today for £15.

Besides these latest Carnevale miniatures, we also have some big additions going to Max Mini!

Colossal Trampler

This thing is HUGE! Imagine being a Halfling enjoying your life in little Babylia or little Skjarr and this brute decides grandma is looking good enough to eat. The Colossal Trampler is the biggest miniature in the Fantasy range of products and is just under 30cms tall from base to club.

You can pre-order this brute today for only £60!

Gargantuan Spider

How many legs is to many legs? Eight, the answer is always eight. Just look at this nasty spider who im pretty sure wants to do nothing except eat Halflings and scare small children. Ideal for fantasy based wargames, the Gargantuan Spider would make for an ideal RPG Villian.

You can pre-order this monster today for £22.

This is just a taste of the new miniatures that are available to purchase from Max Mini. You can find more giants, Halflings, Spiders, Beasts and undead in their webstore.

Now onto the terrain…

Savage Domain: Marauder Outpost

The Marauder Outpost has received a needed updated. Now easily displayed on shelves or storefronts, the new Marauder Outpost like its predecessor is ideal for fantasy-based wargames and contains multiple walls, walkways, and towers. This modular kit is designed to work with other terrain pieces from our Savage Domain range of fantasy products. Additionally thanks to a simple design theres no correct way to layout the fortifications so be creative!

Made for 28-32mm wargames, you can purchased this boxed terrain for £32.

Space Elf Encampment

Space elves often encamp themselves in fragile looking structures but don’t let that fool you! These building are stronger than they look and are often supported by shield generators. The Space Elf Encampment contains 1 tower, 3 generators, 2 stargates, 2 spirit beacons and 10 barricades.

Designed for 28-32mm tabletop wargames, you can purchase this set today for £32.

Savage Domain: Barbarian Encampment

The Savage Domain: Barbarian Encampment has received an upgrade!  If you listen closely you can hear the cheers of the Barbarians now they’ve received a superior home. This modular kit contains multiple buildings and can be interlinked through bridges, ramps and ladders. Now this kit is a superior update to the previous encampment but luckily this new kit can be combined with the old.

You can purchase the new Barbarian Encampment today for £22.

Savage Domain: Palisade Walls

The Palisade walls is a great kit containing multiple walls which can be used to enclose are and therefore provide protection. Now, you want find any dramatic changes from the previous edition besides a new wall style and barricades. Designed for 28-32mm tabletop wargames, this kit will work great with other Savage Domain products.

You can purchase the Palisade Walls today for £12.

That’s it for today! If your a running an event or a store that stocks TTCombat products, make sure you reach out and we’ll feature you on our Social Media Channels. 

Finally, If you have a project you want to start or add to your tabletop setup. Then make sure you head over to the TTCombat webstore for a wide range of miniatures and scenery. If you have anything of ours that you’d like to see featured as a Monday Motivation post. Please send us some photos to


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