Dropzone Commander Terrain, Leviathan Heavy Hovercarrier & More

Reports are coming in from Resistance fighters that a cache of Leviathan Heavy Hovercarriers has been found and these transports are battle ready!

Welcome to this week’s New Release article and we’re very happy to say that the Levithan HH is back. Following years of asking, we can finally say this fantastic miniature is ready for retail. Dwarfing the heavy dropships used by all other forces, this isn’t even this week’s biggest release. A total of 8 new Resin buildings are also coming to Dropzone Commander. Finally, we have more MDF terrain and Max Mini products also available to order.

Leviathan Heavy Hovercarrier

The Leviathan Heavy Hovercraft’s stand-out quality is its scale – it dwarfs the heavy dropships employed by all other forces in present theatres of combat. Designed to be an ideal heavy transport, this is capable of carrying up to 24 technicals which is enough to drop off half your army. If your not a fan of Multiple Rocket Batteries or 4 AA Cannons isn’t enough firepower for you, then build the Thunderstorm Heavy Hovercraft. This build trades some transport capacity for overpowered Looter Plasma Cannons.

You can pre-order the Leviathan today for £30.

Dropzone Commander Resin Terrain

Following the successful TTCombat paint range Kickstarter, these buildings have gone to retail early. Made for 10mm tabletop wargames and created using partially recycled terrain, these buildings allow us to cut waste and offer detailed buildings at an affordable price. The rooftops provide great vantage points whilst the walls are perfect for breaking the enemy’s line of sight. Best of all, you can purchase buildings in a bundle or individually.

Upper East Apartments

Upper East Apartments is available to pre-order for £20.

Downtown Commerce

Downtown Commerce is available to pre-order for £20.

1927 Metro Place

You can pre-order 1927 Metro Place for £25.

Daily Blower News

You can pre-order the Daily Blower News today for £25.

Accessibility Heights

Accessibility Heights can be yours today for £20.

Robert Porifera Square

Robert Porifera Square is available to you for £22.

Garment Hills Habidashery

Garment Hills Habidashery can be pre-ordered today for £22.

Ferrum Foundation Flats

The Ferrum Foundation Flats can be pre-ordered today for £30.

Dropzone Buildings Pack

Finally, for the best value for money, you’ll want to purchase the Dropzone Buildings pack which contains all designs for £120.

Besides these latest Dropzone Commander releases, we also have numerous Fantasy Heroes joining Max Mini, including the products revealed on Teaser Tuesday.

Halfling Trebuchet

Step away from the piggy and nobody will get hurt! Better yet why not test the old myth and see whether pigs can fly? The Halfling Trebuchet is ideal for launching stones or swine. Designed for 28-32mm tabletop wargames, this artillery is ideal for fantasy armies.

You can pre-order the Halfling Trebuchet today for £15.

Ogre Toughguts

”Smash, swing, and shove your way through the Halflings lines! It’s almost dinner time.” The Ogre Toughguts are an elite fighting force that is ideal for smashing their way through enemy lines. Made for 28-32mm tabletop wargames and perfect additions to your fantasy army, these three would make ideal mercenaries.

You can pre-order the Ogre Toughguts today for £12.

Again, this is only a tiny amount of the new Fantasy Heroes which are now available to purchase on Max Mini. Finally the end the week, we have some new MDF terrain for our Wild West range.

Mexican Paito Fuerte

You know the leader of your nation is rich when he builds a new fort every time the word revolution is mentioned.  The Mexican Paito Fuerte is ideal for both competitive and narrative base tabletop games. Featuring plenty of vantage points and multiple sight-blocking opportunities, raised wall sections, and windows. Made from 3mm MDF and designed for 28-32mm tabletop games, this set is ideal for Wild West games.

You can purchase the Mexican Paito Fuerte today for £28.

Mexican Slums

These slums might not look like much but the people who call it home are hardy fighters. A dangerous place to visit, these slums have seen much fighting which probably explains all the cracks and holes in the roofs. Designed for 28-32mm tabletop games and made from 3mm MDF, this set is ideal for Western games.

You can purchase the Mexican Slums today for £28.

Ruined Mexican Slums

Well, it was bound to happen at some point. The quiet Slums have been almost destroyed beyond repair, the villagers have moved on and now nobody remains. Ideal for both narrative and competitive tabletop games, this set is made from 3mm MDF and used for 28-32mm games.

You can purchase the Ruined Mexican Slums today for £28.

Mexican Saints Row

Venture forth from the jail and head straight into the chapel and repent your sins. The Mexican Saints Row is designed for Wild West-themed games and is ideal for competitive and narrative play. Made from 3mm MDF and designed for 28-32mm miniatures, you can even put your enemies in Jail or hide from them in the chapel.

You can purchase the Mexican Saints Row today for £16.


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