Deadly Divas have had a 1980’s makeover!

Being a top performer in RUMBLESLAM takes a whole lot of dedication and physical exercise so the Deadly Divas are keeping in shape 80’s style.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It’s the spookiest night of the year and of course, that means everyone will be partying and indulging but not the Deadly Divas. This team of badass female Wrestlers is taking on something much more terrifying, they’re tackling the 1980s fashion. Thanks to the always impressive work of Doby Young (The Art Dragon) we get to see what the Deadly Divas would look like as Olivia Newton-John’s backing dancers.

The Deadliest of Divas

Ogress is a mighty lady who towers above other Wrestlers but since watching too many John Hughes films, she believes it’s 1986 and Ferris Bueller is still taking a day off! Doby has done a fantastic job painting this miniature and the vibrant tones capture the decade perfectly.

Female Brawler decided that suspenders need to come back into style and made them a key part of her attire. Doby clearly agrees as these bright blue strands of fabric are the only thing keeping her shorts up. As you’ll soon see with all of this week’s miniatures, the faces have been nicely painted with clear facial expressions.

High Flyer loves nothing more than jumping around the ring and is a fantastic acrobatic. Finding it too difficult to do her in-ring manoeuvres whilst wearing trousers, it’s good to know that short shorts are back in fashion. With wild colours, hair and war paint, the High Flyer must be a fan of 80’s Glam Rock.

The entertainer raises the roof with her deadly dancing and has fully embraced the punk movement. Bold deep blue make-up to match the miniature’s hair is a novel idea and works well with this miniature. Also, I’m a fan of all these wrestlers sharing a colour palette which makes them appear as a real team.

Finally, Female Grappler has developed a killer stare. Just look at that terrifying unblinking face and you’ll see a world of in-ring pain awaits anyone who insults Women Wrestling. A solid all-rounder, this Grappler looks meaner than Mr T in Rocky III.

Thanks for sharing all of these miniatures with us, Doby! Make sure you check out The Art Dragon page here.

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