Wastleland ORC Party!

The Wastleland ORC Party is taking the world of RUMBLESLAM by storm! The Rolling Bones have welcomed a new trio in today’s Monday Motivation.

Welcome to this week’s Monday Motivation article and thanks to the hard work of Martin Wagner, a new Orc trio have been causing lots of chaos in the ring.  Having not even played a single game of RUMBLESLAM, Martin created a team inspired by Max the Impaler, Leon Ravage, and Heidi Howitzer.

Wasteland ORC Party!

Growing popular on the independent Wrestling scene, the Wastland War Party is among Martin’s favourite groups. Having decided to Orctify them, he’s done a great job cleaning the miniatures up and upgrading the sculpts. Transforming WAAARIOR into Max the Impaler took some clever sculpting or body armour and impressive dreadlocks. Adding body armour, a belt and knee guards easily turned the Orc Brawler into Leon Ravage. Finally the addition of knee guards an decorative chest sections made Porcelynn into Heidi Howitzer.

All three of these miniatures have been painted to a very good standard! Given the fact that WWP are known for a rustic, dirty aesthetic, it wouldn’t make sense for them to be clean. Hard hitting, dwarves throwing, Orcs wouldn’t worry about the occasional dent or blood stain. All they care about it causing pain! Personally, I think Max the Impaler has to be my favourite.

Aggressive eyes, demonic face paint and dairy dreadlocks can all be seen. Looking closely, you can see the small details that have been added to the chest guard and across WAAARIORS knees. Great job Martin!

Thanks for sharing this with us Martin!

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