Grab Grub, Defend Town… Orc Life Good

When the damned Flesh sacks won’t leave the poor Orcs alone, they have to take defence in Town.

Welcome to the first Monday Motivation of October 2022 and today we have an amazing Town built by Alan Pemberton. We’ve always been big fans of large-scale MDF builds so when Alan was kind enough to send us some photos of his Orc Town, we were thrilled. Taking numerous kits from the TTCombat Sci Fi Gothic range of Orc products, these build is seriously impressive.

Ork Town

For thousands of years, the honourable and noble Orc’s have faced assault from the evil Humans all because some Orc’s killed a few meat sacks and destroyed a couple of planets. When in peril, the Orcs can always take shelter in towns such as Alan’s. This build is seriously impressive and can barely fit into a single picture.

Comprising of kits including, Orc Stronghold, Orc Tower, Orc Mek Shop, Orc Sector, Orc Zzzap Tower and more! This tabletop is filled with Orc friendly buildings. We are seriously impressed by the time commitment Alan has made to his tabletop space and bet epic battles have taken place.

At the centre of the space is this epic Zzzap Tower which has been light up like a Christmas tree. Installing these small lights was a brilliant idea and something I can say we haven’t tried yet in the office. Additionally the paint job throughout the build is clear and concise. The stained and rusted aesthetic looks great and matches the third-party pieces also visible in the build.

Finally, no Orc town would be complete without a Grub shack! Perfect for eating all kinds of fungi or even smaller Orcs, the Grub shack is a must visit location in this town. Personally, I was a big fan of the ‘Burga Boss!’ sign. This was a great touch Alan.

Thanks for sharing this with us Alan!

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