Dropzone Commander Post-Behemoth Balance Pass

Now that all the Heavy Behemoth’s have been released, it’s time for some tweaks to existing units!

It’s been a little while since the last balance pass on Dropzone Commander and now the biggest units in the game have been released, it’s time to take a look at the little guys again.

The new FAQ and errata document contains all the previous errata for Battle for Earth as well as new errata and a couple of Behemoth specific questions.

We’ve also added a few new experimental rules. These are specifically to address the speed at which infantry can run into a building and push entire enemy squads out of the windows. With these rules defenders advantage is much more advantageous, with enemies coming into your garrison needing to wait until their next activation to attack.

Not only that, but there are just over 40 units getting adjustments. Some are getting quite large adjustments, such as the Flail and the Wolf, while others are getting more minor tweaks, like the Hades. The full changelog is at the end of the FAQ document, for those that don’t want to trawl through unit entries.

We’ve also clarified a bunch of rules that in the past, may or may not have affected behemoth’s depending on your point of view. Now most of them don’t, sorry not sorry, smart smoke.

Also updated are all the pdf unit cards for all factions, you can find these in the resources section on the Dropzone Commander website or in the resources section on the TTCombat Webstore.

The web builder and unit cards should now have the same stats across all units, though if you notice any discrepancies, let us know at info@ttcombat.com

A special thanks to the fine folks over on the Dropzone Commander Facebook Group and Discord for their feedback on each and every underperformer and overperformer. The Facebook Group currently has a competition to design terrain and rules to go with it, we and others are offering prizes for those to enter. Definitely go check it out, or even enter if you have a terrain piece you’d really like to bring to life!

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