Resistance Behemoth Stomps Forth

Once more unto the Behemoth sized breach!

It’s time to have a sneaky look at what the Resistance Behemoth is capable of.

At long last the final Heavy Behemoth release. It’s the Resistance’s turn now and they’re bringing out the big guns. Quite literally!

The Resistance have been bringing out the Juggernaut and Colossus in increasing frequency, putting their massive warmachines into the thick of it. The Resistance Behemoths are the largest walking machines made by humanity and their considerable bulk allows them to carry considerable weaponry.

As fast as an America Heavy Battle-Mech, as tough as a Chronus, and a very large footprint. The Resistance Behemoth is big, but how much damage can it take? As with the other Behemoth’s the Juggernaut has its damage split into 3 Zones, though they’re a fair bit tougher to crack open than with other Behemoths.

Break the Hull and its armour becomes a much more manageable 12, putting it into range of standard anti-tank weaponry. Its legs are designed to haul it over tough terrain and face whatever early colonisation efforts can throw at them. They’re tough, but take them both out and it can no longer use its Logging Claws and is limited to a Move of 4″. Having only a single carapace mounted weapon, the weapons zone is appropriately large. Manage to take out the weapons of a Juggernaught and its 800mm Naval Defence Gun is sunk. But what do these claws and the massive gun actually do? Well.

The Naval Defence Gun is definitely not a defensive weapon. You’ll want to be making sure you go on the offensive with it. It’s capable of taking out groups of even the most hardened of tanks as well as putting in some serious demolition work. Point it at a behemoth and you get to watch its zones quickly disappear.

The pair of Chainguns are the same as those found on the Pizzaro Walker and can threaten buildings and light infantry alike. If you wanted to get particularly aggressive with the Behemoth, its Logging Claws can chop their way through pretty much anything. Buildings, tanks, other Behemoth’s. They’re all nails and you have  a pair of claw shaped hammers.

That’s not all the Juggernaught has to offer. It comes with a cavernous (probably) space to keep all kinds of exploratory vehicles.

The Juggernaught can carry a number of units like Wagons, ATV’s, and Technicals. Perfect units to secure a landing zone and screen the Behemoth.

But what about the other version of this Behemoth, I hear you ask? Well, the Colossus comes with a number of AA pods, Chainguns, Logging Claws as well as Gilgamesh Missiles.

They carry a number of these dangerous missiles, but sacrifice all carrying capacity for their launch systems, a fair tradeoff considering how much devastation they can unleash.

That’s it for this rules preview, make sure to keep an eye out for the pre-order of these massive miniatures tomorrow!

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