Take a trip back with us to a different time in RUMBLESLAM history, a time of foul language and rated R Superstars! Please enjoy this week’s Monday Motivation.

This week’s article is made possible by the hard work of Nathan ‘WILDMAN’ Wildey! (Not his choice of ring name but I reckon it fits). Scrolling through the official RUMBLESLAM fan page, we came across Nathan’s latest creation and fell in love with it! This entire piece screams the golden age of WWF and the attitude era.

RUMBLESLAM’s Attitude era

Behold the King, the King of the RUMBLESLAM Ring! Okay whilst this isn’t usable in-game wrestler, this statue looks amazing. A part of the Tables, Ladders, and Chests the statue is the biggest piece of resin in the game which Nathan has given a make-over. This piece looks amazing and Nathan should be proud of his work as we love it! The damaged pectoral muscle is a clever addition whilst the painting has a comic feel.

I love the exaggerated paint scheme which works great on this piece. The R graffiti is a nice touch in the slime green and of course, this chap has been defaced by the devious Gun who ‘WAZ HERE’. By filling in the gaps in the statures muscles with a black tone, you get a great comic book style miniature.

Additionally, the ‘free the bush’ message is a throwback to the late 90s which has come to life with the use of tufts. Furthermore, we won’t question what the brown stains are on his trousers as we don’t want to know the answer. Finally we move onto the Wrestlers.

Firstly we have Grave Digger! Little is know about this wrestler but what we do know is that, Nathan did a great job painting this deadman. Sporting his hat and trenchcoat, this miniature looks awesome. Peyote Pete always looks happy to be in the ring whilst the Lord of Anarchy seems to be a fan of dude love. Finally Ronnie Salvage is the true champion of RUMBLESLAM which is probably why Nathan put him on top!

Oh don’t forget, GUN WAZ HERE!

Thanks for sharing this with us Nathan!

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