Conversion Crusher rising from the Deep!

Great and mystical things can be found beneath the depths of the ocean. Even better, dark and terrifying things can be found when Jon Berenguer-Webb starts converting Carnevale miniatures.

Excellent at breaking down walls, the Cymothoan Crusher has been causing havoc in Malta and Venice since Blood on the Water was released. Now, this giant crustacean has met an ill fate. You see, this creature has been grossly mutated by Jon into a moss-covered brute with an even larger claw!

Cymothoan Crusher

Just look at this brute! Like always, Jon was more than happy to explain his process of converting this miniature,

”The crusher is an excellent frontline troop, really tough and fantastic on the charge, and is 1 of the few Rashaar that moves at a decent speed on land, so I knew in some lists I’d want to use 2. I didn’t want them to look the same though so I converted my 2nd one to be right-handed (right-clawed?). This was achieved by using clippers to remove the fingers from the fist, cutting out the middle section to achieve separation, and then sculpting the end of the claw, as well as some more barnacles, with greenstuff”.

It’s amazing to see how well Green Stuff has been applied to this crab and the additional barnacles are a great touch. Additionally, the water effects applied and pose are fantastic. Thankfully Jon explained this process also,

”I also wanted it to look like it was rising out of the canal (they’re water creatures after all and I could imagine it charging through the water and rising at the side of the canal to crush someone standing too close to the edge!). To do this I used a saw to cut the model at an angle and then once painted I used UV resin and Vallejo Water Texture to build up the splash effects onto some blister plastic. Finally, the seaweed on the head is made with cotton wool soaked in green ink”.

Finally, as previously mentioned there is more than a single Crusher to contend with! Just check out this big beastie’s twin.

Thanks for sharing this with us Jon!

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