WIP – New Style of Buildings for the Streets of Venice

The Magnificent City of Venice is continuously sinking below the waters and the rent certainly didn’t help the matter. Therefore the architects have taken to creating water-based buildings.

Welcome to this week’s WIP Wednesday where one of our talented designers has been hard at work creating something new for the canals. To combat rising waters and attempt to stay out of the clawing Rashaar below, we created floating houses for the Streets of Venice range.

Beautiful isn’t it? Imagine taking a nice scenic trip through the waters of Venice and docking your private Gondola beneath your home. We know, a home with a garage sounds too good to be true but this is now the reality. This building is the first of its kind and will be the first of more to come.

The best thing about this property is how it perfectly lines up against the streets of Venice MDF tiles so miniatures can easily transition to the terrain. Whilst this is a fixed feature, the motivated will easily be able to cut the supports to make it removable.  Made from 3mm MDF and designed for 28-32mm scale tabletop gamin, we’re sure hobbyist will be able to find additional games this terrain is suitable for.

We’re excited to see how people use this terrain in game but I can’t reveal any more information at this time.

That’s it for this weeks WIP Wednesday. If you have a project you want to start or add to your tabletop setup. Then make sure you head over to the TTCombat webstore for a wide range of miniatures and scenery. If you have anything of ours that you’d like to see featured as a Monday Motivation post, then send us some photos to info@ttcombat.com


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