Starting the week with a Devious Monday Motivation

Wander in the Shadows and hide from the sun in today’s Monday Motivation! The sun is still kicking out a lot of heat here in the UK so we’re gonna take a break and hang out with the wrestlers of Gomorrah.

This week MM is made possible by the hard work of Silvia (Followtheblacksheep). Always impressive in her work, this amazing artist was kind enough to share with us her latest creation. The Brutally Devious Shadow mania are amongst the strangest wrestlers from RUMBLESLAM and their dark tone fits Silvia’s style perfectly.

Brutally Devious Shadow Mania

Deviously creepy and shrouded in mystery, Throwing Shade is a great reliable wrestler and loves Shadowstepping opponents. Silvia has done a great job painting this miniature and adding a bit more colour than we are used to seeing. I love the bright blue hands and claws which help to break up the lines of the miniature.

The terrible duo, Dark Elf Sadist and Dark Elf Narcissist really do have a problem when it comes to vanity. Sadly with miniatures this well painted, its hard to argue against them. Sadist looks great in their all black attire and the black hair makes a makes for a nice change from the traditional blue. I really like the addition of the tattoo to their left leg! It be nice to see more tattoos in RUMBLESLAM.

Finally, beware the Shadow Flayer.  This wrestler is old and bitter so you’d be avoid its tentacle grab or void of misery if you know what good for you. Due to its black and white stripped attire, you’d be forgiven in thinking this character was a ref bud sadly this isn’t the case. Oh and we can’t forget about Silvia’s High flying Shadowling Hanger.  This wrestler likes nothing more than swooping down on the heads of opponents and is a stereotypical moody teenager.

Thanks for sharing this with us Silvia!

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