Monday Motivation – Want to try our Halfling Stew?

As kids, we are taught how to eat with manners and use cutlery, but if you’re a Halfling, you’re taught how to use a Pot Launcher.

Welcome to this week’s Monday Motivation and for this week, we’re taking a look at the work of Mick Allan (nallakcim03). Dirty, Rude, and full of attitude, the Halfling Pot Launchers won’t be winning any Michelin Stars. Therefore, these small warriors must take their cooking to the battlefield.


Mick has done a great job painting up the worst cooks in Craggy Bottom. Just take a look at that Stew! Filled with potato, carrot, and the bones of their critics, you really wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that pot. The paint job is great across all miniatures but I particularly like the poring stew stains bursting over the brim of the loaded pot.

Guiding the crew with his trusty carrots, this little chef is ready to serve dinner. I like the vibrant paint scheme chosen and the traditional white chef robes covered in stains.

Sporting the greatest mutton chop/moustache combo since Hugh Jackman hung up his claws, this Halfling chef should give acting a try. For now, this chef is defending craggy bottom armed with a trusty meat mace and hat. The basing on this miniature and all the others is great and I like that you can’t see their feet behind the shrub.

Finally, we have this hulking brute. Years of lifting heavy pots and braving the stew have magically mutated this Halflings muscles. The detailing on the muscles is great. It’s also nice to see this Halfling has gotten his gloves dirty for an honest day’s work.

Thanks for sharing this with us Mick!

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